How to stay active and refreshed this summer, follow these tips

The heat is rising up and students must be feeling irritated. Other than this, students must keep themselves safe and protected during this season. Here we present some cool tips to stay refreshed and active.

Created On: Jun 20, 2019 12:23 IST
How to stay active and refreshed this summer, follow these tips
How to stay active and refreshed this summer, follow these tips

This summer, you need to stay protected from the scorching heat as it may adversely affect your health. Therefore, if you are a student or an officer goer, make sure to drink lot of water and go outdoors with proper sun protection. This is the time when you should ensure to maintain personal hygiene and avoid eating oily foods and junk foods as well. By following a few simple rules like taking daily shower, wearing sunglass while visiting outdoors and eating watery food items will keep your fresh and active this summer.

The first thing you need to keep in mind this summer is to protect your eyes. Every time you step outdoors for some work, make sure to wear this UV protected Sunglass. This shade is not only cool and stylish but also will keep you calm and composed.

Apart from this, you must take care of your personal hygiene in order to stay away from any kind of infections and allergies this summer. Therefore, make sure to maintain cleanliness and personal hygiene with these following ways to beat the summer in a smart way:

TRESemme Styling Spray

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It’s due to warm and polluted air; all kind of dirt gets accumulated in the hair. This is one of the major reasons of hair fall and skin diseases. Therefore, make sure to use the styling spray that will protect your hair from heat and dirt. The spray will also nourish your hair and protect it from breaking and dullness. Use this spray every day after taking shower to get damage-free and healthy hair. The other features of this spray are as follows:

  • Protects hair from dirt and pollution
  • Nourishes the hair and keeps it shiny
  • Keeps you protected from skin-related diseases
  • Perfect for summer season

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L'Oreal Duo Foam Cleanser 

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The duo foam cleanser gives 4 in 1 professional solution that not only cleans your face but also takes out the dirt from the pore of the skin. No wonder that the heat and pollution outside is just intolerable and one must stay protected to stay away from acne, pimples and other skin related diseases. Therefore, use this foam cleanser every day before taking shower and stay protected from the pollution and heat this summer. The other features of this duo foam cleanser are as follows:

  • Give primer like smooth skin
  • Unifies like a foundation
  • Available in 7 different shades
  • Gives velvet touch skin

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NIVEA Shower Gel 

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The Nivea Shower Gel is must to be used this summer as it will not only keep you fresh and active but also keep you protected from the pollution and dirt. Use this gel before taking shower and its 3 in 1 formula with extra fine scrub particles will deeply cleanse and moisturize your body for long lasting freshness and revitalization. The other key features of the shower gel are as follows:

  • Deep cleansing effect
  • Keeps you hydrated
  • Gives cool and fresh feeling

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