In times of Corona: Care Karo Na!

The nationwide lockdown to combat COVID 19 has forced all of us to stay indoors. Can this be an opportunity to Care, Learn new skills and Innovate? Let’s find out!

Jagran Josh
Mar 26, 2020, 20:04 IST
In times of Corona: Care Karo Na!
In times of Corona: Care Karo Na!

Never knew that one of my favorite lines could be so relevant during these times when all of us are worried due to COVID 19. It was also my first social tagline: There is always a brighter side.

While the world is struggling to conquer this virus, there is still a brighter side, and this time, it is: You, it is me and it is all of us together!

It is our moment. Did you ever think that ‘not going out’ could be the new cool! The bright side is that you don’t have to think outside the box because we all are in a box! so let’s color it up!

Ever wondered what makes you so special: your never say die attitude! It is time to put on your thinking cap! and convert your homestay into a perfect vacation spot full of possibilities, experiments, bondings and connecting with old friends (I don’t’ have to tell you, how to reach out to them being at home) All that is interesting comes from  within, and If I may add, within the four walls( in times such as these). The landscape may be under lockdown but who can lock your mindscape. Let your mind do what it is good at: think, innovate, share and most importantly care. In times of Corona, ‘Care Karo Na’

Care and share: It is time to slow down, to take a break but a break is not a full stop. It is full of possibilities If life gives us corona, we will change it to care karona! care for yourself, for your family and for the world. Share your home story. Post the best ways to make the most of a homestay. Share new ways to care. Teach your lessons to the world. Let us remind the world of the do’s and don’ts. Forget fear, remember logic: calm down, control yourself and others too. Ignorance is not bliss, prevention is. You have a lot to tell. Tell your tale!

Redefine Time: Exams postponed indefinitely? Great news! now you have all the extra time that you always asked for. Remember, all that you ever wanted in the last five minutes of your exam was ‘5 extra minutes’?Well, that wish has been granted. Make the most of it. Read that book that was on your ‘to read’ list for a long time. There are no distractions so just flip those pages and fill yourself with extra knowledge. You have all the time for a quick revision.

Renovate space: You have been ignoring that mess far too long. Your bookshelf did everything to catch your attention. It even toppled few books on your head! It is time to give your much needed attention and organize that book shelf. I think the tangled clothes in your cupboard need some care too. It is time to be spick and span. How about a make shift gym at home? That one kg Rajma packet is yawning in the drawer. Shake it up:  It your new dumble!

Learn new skills: When everything is a click away, then what are you waiting for? It is time to upgrade yourself. Build your resume with certifications that you always wanted to pursue or communication skills that you always wanted to give some extra time or watch your favorite motivational speaker to start your day on a brighter note. Anything new and interesting is your thing.! It is time to rise and shine. Repair yourself. Prepare yourself.

Make amends: Remember that friend, oh that old grudge. It still hurts. You could not call, you had no time. Now, you have all the time in the world. How about make amends, build bridges where there were none. Life is too short to hold grudges. Heart is too small to hold hatred. Make that first call. Be nicer than you actually are. Surprise yourself. Trust your new and improved Avatar will surprise your friend too!

Meditate: It is time to be quiet. You have been pretty talkative all this while. It is time to be grateful to the gift of life. Look at it as an extended thanksgiving. You are alive, Isn’t it amazing? What do you do now? Pray for all those who are trying to live, for all those doctors, medical staff, and thousands of invisible hands who are trying their best to make survival possible. Say your prayers for the well-being of the world.

Explore your talents: It is perhaps the best time to think about yourself. The best time to ask, ‘what am I good at? The poet in you, the writer, the blogger or the artist in you. It is time to give the freelancer in you a fair chance. It is show time! Post your talent, get an applause! Go blog, mingle, twitter, participate, care and share for a good cause.

Listen and learn: When was the last time the you asked your dad about his naughty childhood. Listen to the stories that you have not written. Take him back to memory lane. By the way, what is your mother’s favorite color? Now is the time to know that. How about the in house story telling competition? Or a friendly pillow fight with your brother or sister!

Innovate leisure: It is time to stretch your hand up to that cupboard around that dusty corners and take out that hidden treasures by the name of Ludo, let us give this ol’ pal some credit for introducing team work to us. Your team is at home with you: your family. Choose your pair and let’s play like never before. Snakes and ladders taught me how to compete, overcome my fear by rolling the dice, climb that ladder, escape that hissing serpent and run to win. It also added significant ideas: nothing is permanent: including COVID 19. As they say, ‘this too shall pass.’ If we let it. It is time to be cozy with our all-time favorites: family. You can also add more ol’ pals scrabble, monopoly and carrom. Let us brush of vocabulary, business acumen, and let the (carrom) queen go toPappa. (this makes me laugh all the time!) More importantly, the best that a family teaches is that which you can’t achieve alone, you will achieve together. Sit at home, stay safe, stay happy and stay healthy. It is temporary. Be patient, this too shall pass. Do you remember telling your friends:  I am heading home guys; I need a break. It is an official break. Head home. Take a chill pill. Relax, unwind, gather energies, learn, laugh, eat well, exercise and gear up. Life would be calling, soon. Very soon. Until then, Care and Take care.

About the Author

Ms Neha Sharma Jha is a professional CAT, GMAT, GRE,SAT, TOEFL, IELTS and ESL English Trainer, GD/PI Instructor, Life Skills Coach, Author , Content writer, Educational Modules Designer, and English Literature faculty. She also holds MA and M.Phil. degrees in English along with being a certified TESOL Instructor.

Her core areas of expertise include: Life Skills Training, Entrance Exam Training, Personality Makeover, GD/ PI training, Business Communication Skills, Soft Skills and Corporate Training

She has also authored a book titled ‘Ctrl+ Alt but don't always Delete’.

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