Corporate Current Affairs Quiz/Questions-Answers February 2013, February 25-March 3

The corporate quizzes are helpful for the students preparing for the competitive examinations...

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The corporate quizzes are helpful for the students preparing for the competitive examinations. These quizzes can help the students in understanding about the corporate world. The questions asked here can be used for the preparation of the competitive exams. These corporate quizzes can help you in well-defined preparation and refining the knowledge about the corporate world.

1. Online information storage firm Evernote asked all users to reset their passwords, following a security breach by hackers. What is Evernote?
a) online personal organiser
b) external storage system
c) external server
d) online information storage firm
Answer: (d) online information storage firm

2. Facebook Inc on 28 February 2013 announced that it agreed to buy advertising technology from the Microsoft Corp. What is the name of this advertising technology?
a) Atlas Advertiser Suite
b) Advertising Suite
c) ABX Advertiser
d) PPC Advertising
Answer: (a) Atlas Advertiser Suite

3. Which company launched a tablet PC called CT910 with 3G SIM as well as a smartphone called A225 in the last week of February 2013?
a) Samsung
b) Celkon Mobiles
c) Motorola
d) Zen Mobiles
Answer: (b) Celkon Mobiles

Mozilla, the software community which is known for producing the Firefox web browser, launched Web-based __________ on 24 February 2013?
a) Cloud Computing System
b) Social Networking Site
c) Smartphone Operating System
d) Web Browser
Answer: (c) Smartphone Operating System

Name the managing director for Yahoo India and South East Asia who quit Yahoo on 25 February 2013 citing reasons that he wanted to explore fresh opportunities in the world of the Internet.
a) Arun Tadanki
b) Peter Liguori
c) Eva Färnstrand
d) Alan Chapple
Answer: (a) Arun Tadanki

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