CTET: Child Developemt Questions-17

Child development and Pedagogy is an essential component of any teaching test.

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CTET Child Developemt Questions 17
CTET Child Developemt Questions 17

Question 1 .To study the functioning of the unconscious mind, which of the following techniques can be most     profitably used?
(A) Situational tests
(B) Case studies
(C) Projective techniques
(D) Personality inventories
1. C

Question 2.Mahatma Gandhi is associated with
(A) Basic education
(B) Secondary education
(C) Self-education
(D) Technical education
2. A

Question3. A successful teacher’s most important function is
(A) Helping students to pass examination
(B) Helping students to become good players
(C) To develop thinking abilities among children
(D) To develop love for books among children
3. C

Question 4.The best technique of teaching at primary stage is:
(A) The traditional black-board and chalk technique
(B) Self-learning
(C) Practical training
(D) Game technique
4. D

Question 5.You wish to become a teacher, because:
(A) Less labor is involved in teaching
(B) Like to a teacher
(C) Get more holidays
(D) There is no compulsion to teach

5. B

Question6. Meena is eight years old girl. She does not like to study. You as a teacher:
(A) Give her oral work
(B) Leaves on her own in the class
(C) Requests her to study despite she is not interested
(D) Describes the benefits of study
5. D

Question 7.When a teacher enters his class on the first day the theme of discussion should be :
(A) School building
(B) School principal
(C) Course-content
(D) Introduction

7. D

Question 8.Which of the following is  not the purpose of profession?
(A) To get the knowledge
(B) To get good job    
(C) To development skills which are helpful in life
(D)To increase the skills and ability
8. D

Question 9.The use of Doordarshan for students in their educational activities is in your opinion:
(A) The wastage of precious time
(B) Good medium of entertainment
(C) Medium for good teaching
(D)Takes the place of the teacher
9. D

Question 10.‘All round development’ means:
(A)   shapely development of physique
(B)    all students should develop
(C)    One can take as many rounds as possible
(D)   developments of all the aspects of personality

10. D

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