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  • The Wildlife Conservation Society recently released list of critically endangered species dubbed the “Rarest of the Rare”. The list mentions a species called Hirola. What is a Hirola?
    a. smallest fox in the United States
    b. national bird of Grenada
    c. african antelope
    d. small ocean porpoise
    Answer: c


  • About 800 people affected by a Maheshwar hydel dam project launched an indefinite protest in the capital, demanding that the Union Ministry of Environment and Forests put a halt on the project until the rehabilitation and resettlement (R&R) of villagers catches up with the construction of the dam. It is the first private sector hydro project of which state?
    a. Andhra Pradesh
    b. Arunachal Pradesh
    c. Madhya Pradesh
    d. Uttar Pradesh
    Answer: c


  • Two years after some states banned sex education, an Indian state recently introduced ‘Health, Education and Life Skill Programme (HELP)’ a “locally improvised” version of the education module from this session in schools. Name the state.
    a. Rajasthan
    b. Haryana
    c. Arunachal Pradesh
    d. Gujarat
    Answer: d


  • A one-man committee comprising a former chief of Border Security Force that was appointed by the Indian government to look into the Dantewada massacre of 6 April 2010 submitted. Who was the sole member of the committee?
    a. E.N. Rammohan
    b. Admiral Nirmal Verma
    c. Marshal Pradeep
    d. P.V.Naik
    Answer: a


  • On 28 April2010 Cochin Shipyard delivered a platform supply vessel (PSV) to Purple Fleet Ltd, an affiliate of Tide Water Marine International, US. Name the vessel/ship.
    a. Davis Tide
    b. Sagardhwan
    c. INS Jalashwa
    d. Viraat
    Answer: a


  • The Supreme Court collegium recently stuck to its recommendation to shift Karnataka High Court Chief Justice P.D. Dinakaran as Chief Justice of another state High Court. He will perform judicial work there. To which State High Court was he shifted to?
    a. Arunachal Pradesh High Court
    b. Sikkim High Court
    c. Rajasthan High Court
    d. Meghalaya High Court
    Answer: b

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