Delhi TET 2019 Exam: Last Minute Tips

Let us know those tips, which will help in revising the pre-visited topics and preparing the new topics effectively in the last days of the Delhi TET exam-

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Delhi TET Preparation Tips
Delhi TET Preparation Tips

Delhi TET preparation tips: As you know that the Delhi TET 2019 exam is going to commence shortly in the month of March 2019. Now, most of you may be thinking on How to complete the Delhi TET exam syllabus on time and How to revise them appropriately? To resolve this problem, we have come up with a strategy that can be very helpful in the few days before the actual exam. The last days before the exam are very important and crucial in cracking any competitive exam. We have seen numerous candidates, who are very good at studies but anyhow they do not make it in the exam. The main cause behind the failure of such candidates is their recklessness. Besides such candidates, there is another category of candidates, who find themselves in confusion on what to prepare and how to approach various topics during the last days of the exam? If you adhere to the tips described in the following article then we can assure you that you will surely attempt the maximum questions in the upcoming Delhi TET exam.

The Delhi TET exam will be conducted offline in pen & paper mode. We have observed that there is a high chance to qualify in the offline exam because unlike online exam, you can visit several questions at a time. Hence, in offline exam, you can solve maximum questions within the stipulated time. Let us move to those tips, which will help in revising the pre-visited topics and preparing the new topics effectively in the last days of the Delhi TET exam-

Delhi TET Exam: Last Minute Tips

It becomes very complicated to manage preparation of any competitive exam during the last days. However, it is necessary and unavoidable. In these days, your task is to prepare the un-visited topics and revise them one by one. Skipping studying new topics or revision of topics may result in failure. Therefore, we have prepared some useful strategies to avoid the mismanagement in the Delhi TET exam preparation-

Syllabus Analysis

It is not possible to cover the whole Delhi TET syllabus in the last few days before any competitive exam. One thing that you should do first is identify those topics, which are absolutely new to you. Such topics must be prepared at initial phase. To figure out these topics, you have to do syllabus analysis. At the time of syllabus traversing, you can easily and explicitly find out the topics that require improvement.

As per the Delhi TET exam, all subjects carry equal weight. Hence, skipping any topic may ruin your performance in the actual exam. Hence, the bottom line is – you should first prepare a prioritized list of topics so that you can attain required qualifying marks.

Follow a Timetable

Before heading to study anything, it is necessary to first design an effective and practical timetable. We recommend you to include studying of at least 8 hours a day.  The timetable must be formulated in a tabular form comprising the name of topics and the time assigned to them. You must be careful while preparing the timetable and remember that your timetable will not create any deadlock with your routine activities. Avoid overburdening yourself as well. Assign the topics appropriate time limits so that timetable will be compatible with your capabilities. An effective timetable must have the following attributes-

- Allocate sufficient time to sleep and study breaks in the timetable.

- Revision Time for the pre-visited topics must be included in the timetable.

- The Timetable must be aligned with your physical and mental capabilities.

- Allocate adequate time to prepare the new topics.

- The Timetable must not be dynamic and should not be configured time-to-time.

Study Notes

Preparing the notes is considered the indispensable activity during any competitive exam preparation. Such study notes are proven helpful in revisiting the complex topics quickly. Study notes are the outcome of your hard work of several days. Hence, you should be cautious while writing study notes. We advise you to prepare study notes in a simple and comprehensive language so that you can revise all facts whenever you intend.

Study notes must contain the factual information in a summarized form. Copying content directly from books is not a recommended practice. These study notes should be carried till the last moment of the exam so that whenever you have confusion on any topic, you can immediately recall the information from the notes. So, do not skip this step.

 Previous Year Papers

The previous year papers play a vital role in gaining insights of various aspects including the difficulty level, type of asked questions, and distribution of questions. Previous year papers also give a glimpse of the overall exam structure too. We advise you to practice previous year question papers of at least the last 5 years. It is seen that every year, similar type of questions are asked in the teaching exams. Hence, with attempting the Delhi TET previous year papers, you can prepare this exam efficiently with relatively minimal efforts.

Online Test Series/ Mock Tests

Various online test series or mock tests on teaching exams can be found easily in the market. It is strongly recommended to practice at least 5-10 mock tests before appearing in the Delhi TET exam. With these online tests, you can see a dramatic change in your problem-solving and time management skills. There are several online websites that are offering mock tests at a reasonable price/ free of cost. You can go through them as per your convenience.

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