Diet Plans for people with inactive lifestyle during COVID19 Lockdown

Are you planning to go on a diet? Here are healthy diet plans that holds a promise to push your away from inactive lifestyle and gift you robust health especially during COVID 19 lockdown period.

Created On: May 8, 2020 13:41 IST
Diet Plans for people with inactive lifestyle
Diet Plans for people with inactive lifestyle

Going on diet is not easy, especially when you are surrounded with health concerns and are vulnerable to novice virus such as coronavirus. People are getting affected around the globe and India is no different. To curb social gatherings, people are advised to follow strict lockdown guidelines which has restricted outside movements. In short, we have become prone to inactive lifestyle. 

Therefore, to stay in shape even at home and to avoid the unnecessary medical bills that might prick your body and mind with junk, chose one of these diets that promises a longer and active life.         

So take a look at the top rated 5 diet plans for people with inactive lifestyle:

1. Wild Diet

As the name suggests, the wild diet is all about a meal that is devoid of any processed food. You simply need to hog on fruit and veggies if you are a pure vegetarian. If you have fondness for non-vegetarian diet, then you can also consume freshly available eggs and salmon. Avoiding processed food comprising of artificial flavours and preservatives will help you stay fit and fine all day long. Keep on this diet mode for atleast a month and experience a sea change in your health. Wild diet promises a healthy future that will not only keep your obesity levels in check but will also regulate other functions of the body such as blood sugar levels, blood pressure etcetera.

2. DASH Diet

DASH is an acronym for "Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension". DASH diet is customised to reduce hypertension related issues and keep you stress free from the hectic work life. The key ingredients of the diet are fruits and veggies of your choice and slashes sodium, fat, and saturated fat. It is also recommended to cut down on sodium intake as it helps minimize bloat. Eat low-calorie food items that are high on fiber such as salads. Take a look at the food items recommended in DASH diet to control blood pressure:


This diet is a perfect food goal for the women dreaming to see themselves in shade in the skinny fit jeans. You'll feel good as the DASH diet work wonders to make you appear dashing in the workplace.

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3. Mind Diet

A specifically customised diet to enhance your brain power! MIND diet is a wonderful mix of ingredients that comprises of wide variety of food items to boost your concentrations levels and prevents you from the risk of Alzheimer's disease. It was developed by a nutritional epidemiologist, Martha Clare Morris, at Rush University Medical Center. The MIND diet recommends eating 10 foods daily and avoiding five types of foods. As per the nutritionist the five types of bad food for mind are:

  • Fried or fast food
  • Red meats
  • Cheeses
  • Butter and stick margarine
  • Pastries and sweets       

Along with Alzheimer's, MIND diet also lower risk factors for cardiovascular disease. With sedentary lifestyle on the rise, this is one of the best diets to enhance longevity and enjoy the perks of golden old age. Take a look at the meal plan recommended for the ones interested in MIND diet.

Mind Diet Pyramid

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4. Vegetarian Diet

Vegetarian is a soul saviour when you don’t find any other means to lose weight and regain health. The balanced diet plan is ethical, environmental, and fits the taste and preferences of all.  You can include a variety of plants like fresh or cooked veggies, fruit, nuts, seeds, whole grains and legumes. It is a protein rich diet that allows for very limited consumption of non-vegetarian food items. Do not confuse it with vegan diet where consumption of animal products is strictly prohibited. You can eat dairy products in vegetarian diet.

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5. General Motors (GM) Diet

Although, many doctors are advising to curb weight loss diet during the times of pendamic, however, if you are too eager to loose weight, then a perfect weight loss management programme is here for those struggling from obesity. Follow the GM diet and you will feel light after seven days. The diet is recommended for seven days in which you will have to consume limited food items each day. People who went on GM diet have shared their story of losing 10 to 17 pounds of weight in just a week! The diet not only sheds a few pounds but also increases overall work efficiency, confidence, and provides higher energy. GM diet cleanses and detoxifies the toxins from the body and makes a person lively.


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You can choose to go for any of these diets but do not forget to supplement it with proper exercise, rest and water intake. Body needs timely support and while you devoid yourself from the processed food, its aroma will make your belly grump for the fatty oils. Your tongue will crave to relish the mouth-watering delicacies. So, keep a strict control on your senses and enjoy the benefits of diet plans to keep your body in shape.

Share this article with your dear ones if they are planning to go on a diet sooner or later. These diet plans will help them chose wisely according to their needs and body requirements. You can also share additional diet plans that have worked well for you. For more tips on a healthy life, keep visiting us at

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