Difference between school life and college life

High school and college life are two very different and contrasting phases of one's life. Let's have a look some of most prominent difference between the two.

Dec 31, 2019, 12:19 IST
Difference between school life and college life
Difference between school life and college life

The world of high school and college are two very different phases of life. Though the two of them couldn't be further apart there are some parallels that can be drawn between the two. From childhood to teenage, the high school tries to prep you for your life as an adult. Whereas college on the other hand, grooms and teaches that adult how to make the transition from a teenager to a professional of the corporate life. Believe it or not, our life as a high school student is a lot more disciplined that it ever will be as a college student. In school, we are bound by protocols and disciplinary rules that we are tempted to defy but there is always a fear of being caught and punished. College life on the other hand, though is bound by rules, but it hardly matters for the sense of freedom that students gain in college is all about doing what you feel like. Yet both of them hold their own charms and leave us with great memories. Let's look at the things that separate the school life experiences from that of college. 

Difference between school and college

Learning Environment 

The learning environment of the two educational systems is very different from one another. In college, you are no longer a passive learner. Active participation in classroom discussions is encouraged. In college, you are supposed to make the learning effort on your own, unlike high school where your teachers would run after you and push you to study and improve your grades. Where active participation in lectures is encouraged in college, your professors won't bother with pushing you if you don't indulge in them after they have told you 2-3 times.

Dress Code

In most school across the country, there is a uniform or a defined set of clothing prescribed by the school administration for all its students. You are bound by the school rules to abide by the dress code and wear a neat and clean uniform to school every day. However, in college students are not bound by any such dress codes you are free to wear whatever and whenever you want.


This is one of the major difference between two student lives that we live. In school, attendance was compulsory if you missed out a day you had to take in a leave/sick application duly signed by one of your parents to school the next day. Whereas, on the other hand, attendance in college is taken more casually by students. And to avoid a complete no-show the entire semester a lot of college administrations have introduced a minimum attendance percentage for students to be able to sit in examinations. Mass bunk and proxy were like unheard concepts back in school but in college, they seem to be the only thing on a student's mind. 

Cultural Transitions

Back in high most of your friends were from the local community. There were only a handful of students who lived in another city and commuted some distance to come to school. The people all around you were from the same culture and traditions as you. There were hardly any cultural differences between you. But in college, the scenario is completely different. You come across people not only from different cultures within your own country but a lot of international students too. College teaches you to learn and be accepting of people from wide and varied backgrounds.

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Roommates and Friends

Back in high school no matter how rebellious you were as a teen every time you landed in trouble your parents were the first people you rushed up to. High school friendships are great and you surely keep a lot of secrets with friends but you still rely and bank on your parents for many things. Also, there was a defined privacy space that your high school friends were not supposed to infringe upon. But in college, there is hardly any such things as privacy. For when you are living in dorms and hostel rooms you are mostly living on twin sharing basis. Moreover, friends are the only people in the immediate vicinity in college whenever you want some company to celebrate with or when you need a shoulder to cry upon.

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In Summation

Being in college can sometimes be an overwhelming experience but it leads on to become on the most cherished phase of your life. High school, on the other hand, has charms of its own. They say one can forget their school and college life and it's very much true. Later in life, if asked if you could live one phase of your life once again what would it be, for most it would be their college or school life. Though both these phases of life have their differences they both shape your personality and determine the kind of adult we would go on to become. If you liked this article, please share it with your friends and peers.  For more such articles on college life please visit, www.jagranjosh.com/college. Alternatively, you can also get more such articles in your inbox by submitting your email-id in the box below.

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