Distance Education and the Benefits in Today’s time

Know the importance of distance education and its positives by reading ahead.

Jul 12, 2012, 16:16 IST

In this era of ‘fast track ‘ education, gone are those days when distance education was a concept kept for those who couldn’t make it to the regular colleges. Today, distance education not only has a gamut of choices and opportunities that it offers but also is a parallel education system on its own term.

Distance education, is a lot many times taken rather non seriously, not understanding its worth. As a matter of fact, distance education, if taken up seriously can end up as a great option for many. Following are the benefits of distance education:

•   Time Management: Distance education is a master in teaching time management to any individual. We all know, distance education does not mean going to college/school on a regular basis, meaning, it doesn’t have a deadline of sorts. However, if not studied on time, one may land up in a soup. Hence, distance education is a great way to manage and handle time.

•    Place no Bar: The biggest plus point in distance education, is a student in any part of the world can sit and

study and not get bothered by geographical limitations. Hence, as long as someone wants to get educated, sky is the limit.

•     Limited Usage of Extraneous Resources: Many times, it so happens that, to get to a college or an education institute, one may go through various hassles. With distance education, there is no question of such problems and one can stay at home or wherever and study at peace.

•    Self Paced Learning: For the ones who love their speed, distance education is the one stop answer. You can set your own speed and decide the course as well.

•    Flexibility: Students who have other responsibilities apart from studying can sail on a single boat and keep multi tasking. A lot of students in the west and in the east take up distance education to help themselves do more than just one work and it works miraculously, given you don’t take either responsibilities lightly.

•    Doubt Sessions: Many times, students think that distance opportunities do not provide first hand education, this is quite in correct. With regular doubt clearing classes and good study material, distance learning by no means can turn out to be inferior.

Delhi University has the School for Open Learning (SOL) which gives students the opportunity to study via distance. They not only provide study material, but also holds regular doubt clearing classes. Apart from SOL, IGNOU is also a premier university that helps students study in a distance format. For more information on distance education , CLICK HERE

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