Distance Learning: Reason why shouldn't underestimate this form of learning

Edge that distance learning offers over Traditional Learning

Created On: Jun 12, 2020 17:06 IST
Distance Learning: Reason why shouldn't underestimate this form of learning
Distance Learning: Reason why shouldn't underestimate this form of learning

The debate over the effectiveness of distance learning compared to that of regular classroom teaching is a never-ending one. There will always be someone who would argue over the benefits that a regular classroom setting offers over a distance learning program wherein you are solely responsible for learning stuff from the course material provided or recommended. But the current scenarios in the education industry state otherwise. More and more students are taking up to distance learning courses to expand their knowledge and skill sets. But the stigma that distance learning courses are less efficient than their traditional counterparts still remains. Hence, to help students better understand the benefits and the opportunities offered by distance learning programmes we have listed some reasons as to why one should not underestimate distance learning programs in this article. 

Degree Certificate is offered upon Successful Completion of Course

Distance Learning Programs offer students a chance to take up any subject of their choice from any university or college anywhere in the world. For example, suppose you are interested in taking up a creative writing course from some university in the USA but you live in India and cannot relocate for a great many reasons than an online creative writing program offered by universities will surely be a boon for you. Also, you would have access to the material of the course provided by the universities, a chance at getting your work reviewed by the university professors and fellow peers allowing you gain various insights about your work and also analyze the audience response to your project. Not to mention the chance at getting a diploma or a certificate from the University that's offering the course. There are a plethora of courses that you could choose your pick from. You could go a whole new domain or take something up that's related to the field you are currently in an help you enhance your skills in it.

Students can keep on studying while pursuing other passions

How many times is that we wish that, 'if only I had enough time apart from my studies I could follow my passions.' You might have heard of the term digital nomad more and more people are taking to that lifestyle. From workplaces to colleges the culture is fast catching up with many youngsters of today. While on the other hand a lot of students start working part-time to support their hefty expenses in college. For all such people, distance learning courses are a great advantage. They can follow their passions and study both at the same time. As a distance learning program allows you the flexibility to study and take lessons at the time and place of your convenience you can plan your schedule according to and even make changes in it as per your convenience.

Online Courses get recognized by the  Employers in Corporate Workspaces

Corporate Organizations are also now viewing distance learning courses in a positive light. Mentioning the various industry related courses that you have pursued through online learning adds a lot of value to your resume. The employers view you as someone willing to learn and with the passion to grow in the field. It also showcases that you have a hunger to constantly increase your skill set and remain up to date with the changes and advances in the industry making you a valuable investment for the organization.

Studying online can be as engaging as traditional education

Unlike the common belief that online learning isn't as interactive as traditional methods, it's far more interactive and engaging for both the students and the teachers. For teachers it allows them to address a far larger number of students that they could ever address in a classroom, it allows them to engage with students from across the world and leading to various new insights and questions that they couldn't have been presented with when addressing a classroom full of students. As for the students, it removes the barriers of hesitation that most student experience in classroom settings. It sets them free to ask even the simplest of questions without the fear of being judged by anyone which surely isn't possible in a classroom setting. Thus, it allows for students a chance at getting their doubts cleared, getting a better understanding of the concept and raise questions without any hesitations.

Distance learning draws upon the latest technology trends

Online learning method of imparting education is heavily dependent on technology. The wide variety of option and teaching tools that come with technology are quite appealing for the students as they make the learning process quite interactive and engaging. Things that seemed all theories before can now be easily given visual and graphical representations thus, making it easier for the students to understand and remember them. Video footage, animated tutorials all are the results of bringing together technology and education. Experts have always been quoted to have said that learning should be a fun process, something that students enjoy and feel encouraged to explore more about the concept. It should inspire innovative and creative thinking them and not just be something that they cram up and spill out during the examination season. And distance learning programs are offering them with such as a chance.  

To Conclude,

In this article, we have tried to cover some of the major benefits and advantages that online learning has over the traditional methods of imparting education. We hope that by stating all these facts we have managed to have you give due consideration to this popular and fast-growing method of gaining knowledge and learning new skills and not just discard it based on hearsay that it isn't effective enough. For more such articles on online learning and their benefits for students please visit our website, https://www.jagranjosh.com/college.

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