Do’s and Don’ts for Students Travelling Away From Home to Study

The do's and the dont's for outstation students , who come to study all alone. For more insight, read ahead.

Jul 10, 2012, 16:16 IST

With Delhi University releasing the fifth cut off list 2012,today, 10 July 2012 students are sure to start packing for their respective college destinations. So amidst all the excitement and the zing to go to a new place, what are the do’s and the don’ts a student must remember? Let’s take a quick rundown to understand how could a student could enjoy the three years with a carefree attitude and yet stay safe.


•    As the place that you would be travelling to , would be completely alien to you, be completely open to learning and take every day at a step, meaning- do not restrict from learning something new, be it a new mode of transport, OR a new cuisine, however, understood, that it is a new juncture of life and a complete new journey would start off, we should also keep in mind to not go any place that we may not be very sure of, and with whom are we going, that can not only help us but will also keep us safe.

•    Staying in a hostel or a rented set up can take a severe toll on an individual’s mental health, as understanding a different person is a very complex process. So, the best way is to be patient and try and adjust with the other person and carve some great memories together, as one must remember – these days are golden and won’t return back ever.

•    Sometimes colleges do not provide food as per expectations, but eating out almost every day can be tedious as it may cost heavily to one’s life , the situation can be handled by getting home made tiffin, or sometimes even cooking for oneself (for the ones who have a kitchen handy), but eating out every day is a no-no.

•    Night hopping is something all college students do, nothing wrong in it, but what should be remembered is what places to hop and what not, crowded open spaces can be safe, but cluttered and places with little or no exit should be avoided at any cost post 6 pm.

•    One thing, students tend to forget in the years of fun and new found freedom is that, there main intention should be to study, keeping all the other things secondary. A lot of students fail in the first year because they tend to forget their prime attention. One must remember, studies are supreme and fun can always be enjoyed, once that’s on place.

•    College is synonymous to making friends, and getting introduced to a circle, this is the primary time where a child gets introduced to ‘networking’. But be very sure whom to get friendly with and whom not to. This is a very important step that can help you make a lively group and enjoy your golden days.

Jagran Josh hopes that with the points, given above, students would be able to understand the don’ts and do’s briefly. College days are like a memory lane, which should be revisited again and again, and to do so, make sure, you are on the right track. Jagran Josh wishes all the students a very best for their future endeavors.

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