Do's and don'ts of college romance

College romance are special but here are some dos and don'ts for you to observe to ensure your relationship remains a healthy one.

Jan 5, 2018, 14:46 IST
Do's and don'ts of college romance
Do's and don'ts of college romance

College romances hold a very special place in everyone's heart. The relationships that you form during this time are very unique, they are not as childish as the high school romance and neither as demanding as the ones that we'll have later in life. College life is all about fun and freedom and so are the college romances. But there are some things that one must always keep in mind when dating in college. For no matter how much fun college romances might seem they also are very sensitive relationships. If gone the wrong way it could lead to bad heartbreaks or even worse outcomes. To prevent you from making stupid mistakes while being enchanted by young love, mentioned below are some tips and advice on college dating that you should always keep in mind.

The Three "H's"

When meeting new people on campus, always make sure that you follow the three "H's" rule. But what exactly are the three "H's"? In  case you are wondering it's nothing too complex. The concept is quite simple whenever you come across a familiar face always stop by to say hi, hello or hey. It might not seem to be of any importance and might as well appear as something quite stupid. But this habit will be quite beneficial in the long run, it will help you connect with new people, make friends with friends of friends. And as you meet new people you might also come across the person you feel is your other half. And before you go on to make the bold move of approaching the person with your thought you will have a chance to know them as friend and have a chance at knowing if the feeling is mutual. 

Don't go on dating in the first few weeks

No matter how cute or handsome the boy or the girl next to you might seem never go on to date someone in the first few weeks of college. It might seem tempting for sure but it's for your own good that you give the thought some time. When you start college you are in new place, a new city, making new friends, give yourself some time to get to know the people around you. Before you go on to give someone the special spot in your life it is important that you give both the person and yourself a chance to know each other. Once you are assured that you know the person well and they are perfect for you only then make the move of giving that person that special spot in your life.

Be Patient

Even after you enter into a relationship with someone, know that college romance is not easy. You need to give the other person the space to breathe. You both might have different choices and interests, if your partner wishes to spend some time with other friends probably, the lot that you don't get along with as well as, them don't press your opinions on them. You both have your own preferences and things to do, be supportive of each other's choices.

Be honest

There are many times when something or some habit of your partner bother you. But for some or other reason you choose to bear it in silence, fearing that if you point it out they may not like it. But even remaining quite about it is not a healthy option for your relationship. If your partner really cares about you they will understand your predicament and if not completely change the habit try to keep it in check especially in your presence. Coming to a common compromise about things on which you don't see eye to eye is the key to having a lasting relationship.

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Don't forget to have fun

Lastly don't forget to have fun. Remember that you have come to college to experience new things, build for yourself a successful career. Relationships are just a part of you exploring the new dimensions of life. Not every relationship might work and the right one shall last even after numerous fights. Getting over the broken heart might not be easy  but always remember that life doesn't end with a broken heart, there is so much to experience out there. Have fun on your dates while they last but never ever forget your friends who held your side both before and after the love of your life came waltzing in. College is already stressful, let dating be fun, an escape from the challenges and hardships of college life. For more such fun articles about college romance and more about life in college please visit

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