Economy Current Affairs Quiz/Questions-Answers August 2012, August 27-September 2

The economy quizzes are framed from among the incidents/events which created ripples in the economy segment

Jagran Josh
Sep 10, 2012, 17:52 IST

The economy quizzes are framed from among the incidents/events which created ripples in the economy segment. The Economy Quizzes are aimed towards testing an individual’s knowledge of the current events/incidents in the economy sector. Economy Current Affairs Quizzes are framed to enable a person update his/her knowledge on economy current affairs. Find here the Economy Current Affairs Quizzes for the week 27 August -2 September 2012.

1.    Supreme Court extended the deadline for 2G Spectrum auction. The auction will be now held on________
(a)    12 February 2013
(b)    10 December 2012
(c)    11 January 2013
(d)    13 July 2013
Answer: (c) 11 January 2013

2.    Union Government approved ____________Crore Rupees Fund to spur Production of Hybrid and Electrical Vehicle in the month of August.
(a)    12000
(b)    13000
(c)    14000
(d)    25000
Answer: (c) 14000

3.   India’s market regulator Security and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) on 28 August 2012 allowed partial flexibility in the conversion of Indian Depository Receipts (IDRs)     into ___________by   investors.
(a) Equity shares
(b) Provident Fund
(c) Gratuity
(d) None of these
Answer: (a) Equity shares

4.    RBI, the central bank put an overall cap of ______________for raising of capital through IDRs byforeign companies in Indian markets.
(a)    10billion dollar
(b)    6 billion dollar
(c)    4 billion dollar
(d)    5 billion dollar
Answer: (d) 5 billion dollar

5.    Japan-based Nissan Motor Co. Ltd’s electric car is the largest-selling car in the world that runs on battery. What is the name of that electric car?
(a)    Leaf
(b)    Buffet car
(c)    Reva
(d)    Green car
Answer: (a) Leaf


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