Engineering Services Examination 2011: Electrical Engineering Question Paper I (Conventional)

Find here the Electrical Engineering (Conventional) Question Paper I of Engineering Services Examination 2011.

Jagran Josh
Mar 20, 2012, 18:24 IST

Solve the Electrical Engineering (Conventional) Question Paper of 2011 Engineering Services Examination.

4. (a) Give the Properties of superconductors. What atr type I and II superconductors ? Indicate their behavior with respect to applied magnetic field. 12

(b) Explain the Hall effect in semiconductors and define constant. What do you mean by negative Hall constants ?  12

(c) Explain the following:

(i) Complex dielectric constant

(ii) Cernamics as insulating materials

5. (a) Name the basic polarization mechanisms which occur in a dielectric. A dielectric material contains 2×1019 Polar Molecules/m3, each of dipole moment 1.8x10-27 C-m. Assuming that all the dipoles are aligned in the direction of electric field E=105ax v/m, find P→  and εr  10

(b) With respect to magnetic behaviour, give the classification of magnetic materials. Discuss general electric and magnetci characteristics of ferrites and their applications.  10

(c) Describe in detail the thermal breakdown of solid dielectrics under application of alternating as well as direct voltages. 10

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Engineering Services Examination 2011: Electrical Engineering (Conventional) Question Paper I

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