Errors One Must Avoid During An Interview: Guide To A Promising Result

No one really likes to fight all the way up to only be rejected at the interview level. Your interview is going to be the final round to prove yourself to the supervisors whether your worth it or not and you just cannot afford to go wrong. So read on to know how to avoid some common mistakes…

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Examinations are around the corner and candidates are scurrying for any last minute help they could possibly get to boost their confidence level. Most of the time candidates are unable to see the entire picture; they know what to do in an interview but are unaware of the faux pas they commit by doing things they should not.

After careful research and expert advice here we have for you a list of interview mistakes you must at all times avoid. 

Going Unprepared

One should always do a background check of the company before going into the company for the interview. Unable to answer very basic questions like what is the mission of the company or other cities where the company functions may simply knock you of the employment chair. One should be able to know the important milestones of the company and also read in details about the company over the internet and social networking sites

Dress Inappropriately

One should always know how to be dressed for an interview. If the interview is for a professional position one should be dressed in smart formals. On the other hand internships can be managed with smart casuals. However, the candidate should practice extra caution while making such choices, to not go wrong.

Insufficient Communication Skills

Your body language is judged form the second you walk into the room. So don’t wait for the questions to show your ability. Eye contact, firm handshake, show of confidence are things that will definitely lead to building a good reputation. So you should start from the moment you enter the room. more over it is always important to communicate well with everyone you meet in your search for being hired.

Over Communication

One should always remember to switch of his cell phone during the course of the interview. Often candidates in haste forget that they are in an interview and answer their phone. This can definitely land them in trouble. One should only have his confidence and his documents on him while entering the interview room. Everything else should be left safely at the waiting area.


There is a thin line between sufficient talk and over doing it. And candidates should with caution tread this line. Coz it is very possible to fall on the wrong side of the line. One should remember that he should not brag about himself. It can be irritating to listen to someone go on and on. No one is really there to listen to your life story. You should keep your answers short to the point and avoid rambling.

 Lacking Interest

Many a times the candidate in the quest to answer in short phrases often end up answering majority of questions in single words. One must keep in mind not to talk too much but should not also provide short reluctant answers. This will make the interviewers feel you are really not interested in the interview

Misleading Facts

One just cannot and should not provide wrong information in his CV. He should check and cross check the information he is putting in black and white. Year of passing, marks obtained, experience gained should be remembered if asked during the interview

Providing Wrong Answers

Candidates under pressure tend to answer in a rush or answer incorrectly. This should be severely avoided. Candidates should make sure that they understand the question, and then answer. Being in haste can ruin your opportunity of going beyond the interview

Talking Ill of Your Past

Bad mouthing your past employers can land you in a soup. The world being a small place you never know if the present company hiring you has business with them or not. Moreover they may even suspect you of talking ill about them if you happen to leave the company on not so good terms.

Not Following Up

This is a very lost concept here. We often tend to forget to follow up. We always have this notion that if they are not getting get back it must be a negative response this should not be the case. Whatever, is the outcome of their decision you should always get back to them and thank them for their time. This might change the outcome in the long run.


However, at the end of the day it’s either you are in or not so lucky. But you should not take this to heart. There is not anyone who has not blown a interview or two. As long as you learn something from your failure, you have definitely defeated the day and ready for the next

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