Getting rid of internet addiction in college students

Internet is an important part of our lives. But spending too much time on it can be harmful. Follow these simple steps to get rid of your internet addiction.

Dec 13, 2019, 16:31 IST
Getting rid of internet addiction in college students
Getting rid of internet addiction in college students

We are today living in the age of information and internet is the most powerful tool at our disposal. With just a click you can find pages full of information on anything that you could possibly think of. To say that internet has become the way of life won't be wrong at all. Look around your own college campus, you will see almost everyone tapping on their phones. Where internet has made things easy like making information readily accessible no matter where you are, it has also brought its own fair share of problems.

One of the most concerning ones being what is termed as 'internet addiction' among the youngsters. When you look around the campus you would be easily able to spot that students even though are sitting with the group of their friends most of them would still be busy starting on their phone screens. We have become so accustomed and dependent on the internet that most of the times students fail to realize that they are suffering from internet addiction. But worry not, internet addiction can be easily spotted if you pay attention and once spotted you can overcome it without much difficulty with some simple steps mentioned below.

How to get rid of internet addiction?

Limit Your Time On Gadgets

If you are worried that you are moving towards becoming addicted to internet, worry not. You are not the only person suffering from this problem. There are many others like you out there. But not that you have identified the problem it's time to take the first step towards overcoming it i.e. limit your time on the gadgets. They have become an indispensible part of your life hence, to avoid them be completely is not possible. But you sure can limit your time spent on them. Cut short your time on social media websites or surfing through the ecommerce sites. Time seems to fly away when you are spending time on these websites, an hour would have passed even before you realize while casually searching for some new boots to buy this winter season.

Pursue A Hobby

Get involved in some activities that interest you such as cooking, reading books, dancing etc. Participate in events related to them, go out and socialize with people who share the same interests as you. The trick is to get involved in activities that encourage you to limit your time on gadgets. You need not necessarily hang out with other people. You could also try out things like painting or learn to play a new  musical instrument.

Hang Out With Friends And Family

One of the biggest side-effects of internet addiction is that people start shying away from spending time with friends and family. And even if you are with them, you are more focused on aimlessly swiping on your mobile screens. Most times you wouldn't even notice it as it becomes a habit. Make sure that when you are with your friends or family you refrain from using your phone focus on having a good time with them. If possible keep your phone at some distance so that you are not tempted to use it again and again.

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Try Calling People Instead Of Instant Messaging

With the coming of free messaging apps our conversations have shifted from having long talks over phone to chatting and sending funny emoji's. When talking with a friend over text messages we happen to waste a lot more time than we would have talking over the phone. Moreover, if you are studying the constant ping of message notifications can be very distracting. Not to mention, that whenever you pick you phone to reply your mind gets diverted by those other notifications whether they be email or some discount offer at your favorite online store.

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Take Printout of Reference Study Material

Studying just from the prescribed text books is not enough when you are in college. Most students rely on information available online. You happen to check out reference books or study material available from other professors or reputed universities. Making use of internet for studies is not at all refrained at but it is encouraged. However, the problem again is that when you are surfing the internet for study material you are also tempted to check out other social media accounts or just browse through other irrelevant pages. Hence, to avoid wasting time with these distractions it is best to take out printouts of relevant study material and study in peace.

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In Summation

Internet addiction is nothing but a simple problem of lack of focus and tempting distractions. If you are determined to stay focused at your studies or important work you can easily overcome these temptations. It is important to realize your priorities. Once, that is sorted you would easily cut down your time on these extra activities on the net thus overcoming your problem of internet addiction. For more such article on college students and life in college please visit, Alternatively, you can also get such articles directly in your inbox by submitting your email id in the form given below.

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