Global Survey Result: India ranks top in digital talent tally

According to a global survey, India is rapidly growing in the area of digital skills enhancement.

Krishnendu Chatterjee
Dec 26, 2017, 18:40 IST
Global Survey Result: India ranks top in digital talent tally
Global Survey Result: India ranks top in digital talent tally

In recent times, India has done tremendously well in the global digital talent front. Indians have this knack of grasping new and trending skills like no other on this planet. And, this is the reason why India has emerged as the biggest source for digital talent across the globe. India has accepted the paradigm shift from traditional to digital talent, and making its name count globally. Meanwhile, there’s no stopping India as more and more digital talents are making its way from this land of diversity. According to a survey, India constitutes a whopping proportion of digital talent with 76% among the countries surveyed, as compared to the overall global average of 56%. Alone India is competing with the world to prove its metal in producing digital talents in bulk.

The result in the combined survey made by Capgemini and LinkedIn says that India has emerged as the biggest source of digital talent, holding the highest number of digital talent with 76%, which is far ahead of combined global average of 56%. This is by far the highest percentage that India has achieved as compared to what other countries have achieved in numbers.

India is standing tall with 76% of digital talent production, which is followed by Italy, Spain, UK, Netherlands and US with 66%, 65%, 62%, 61% and 55% respectively. A total of 753 employees along-with 501 executives at the higher management level from companies with more than one thousand employees participated in this survey.

The survey was conducted from June to July 2017, and 9 countries including India, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Sweden, United Kingdom and United States were covered. The seven industries that were covered included banking, consumer durables, retail, insurance, telecom and utilities.

The survey also revealed about one of the major issues of digital talent gap that is getting widened in India as 64% of companies in India mentioned about this ever-growing gap over the past few years. Internationally, 54% of the companies agreed on the front that the digital talent gap is acting like a road-block in their digital transformation programs. They also mentioned that it is due to this gap, companies are losing the competitive edge because of the shortage of digital talent.

Furthermore, it was also found in the survey that the existing talent also fears that their skills may get out of the trend due to this rapid change in the digital domain. Employees are in fear that their skills will no longer be needed due to the digital transformation. In India, 49% of the employees are living with the fear that their skills will be of no use in the coming 4 to 5 years as every year a trend is emerging in the digital domain. A few of them are also saying that their skills will be of no use in 1 or 2 years, which is a matter of concern.

Moreover, in this global survey, among all the employees, 47% of them find the digital skill development to be the major reason for job change. They want to grow their digital skills by switching organization and hence want to stay updated with new digital skills. The survey also said that India, Germany and UK have the largest digital talent supply, and hence the migration ratio is also high from these specific countries.

It is interesting to note from this survey that for every four digital talent moving into India, at-least 10 is moving out of the country in the pursuit of digital skills enhancement.

UK with 14%, UAE with 6% and US with 47%, are the top countries from where digital talents are migrating to India.

And, digital talent from India is moving to countries like US, Australia and UK for growing their digital skills.

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