Group Discussion: Irony of Social media- Social Interactions have lessened

Social Media has really changed the world and level of interaction among us. Has it reduced the real social interactions? It is a very debatable topic in MBA Group Discussions. Read to find out everything about the topic.

Aug 8, 2014 17:44 IST

Social media is the one big, rather grand name that has taken over the control of lives of us to a much greater extent at present. We ourselves can hardly spare an hour without being socially connected to each others or without being away from various forms of social media that includes interactions and connectivity or people via Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, G-Talk, Yahoo, Rediffmail, Skype, What’s app, We Chat, Hike Messenger etc. The list is quite huge and users are just like replica of viruses that keeps on multiplying every seconds.

 But a harsh out of the box reality is that Social Interaction has lessened among the people and that can be clearly understood with certain points that fall below:

  1. People remain limited to gadgets: Since for using the social media a person or user needs to have electronic gadgets like laptop, computers, smart phones etc therefore a person gets occupied and acquainted with those gadgets only most of the time as these gadgets come with very happening and cool apps and hence take most of the time of users.

  2. No direct interface with person: Due to over usage of such vast social media people tend to and even prefer to chat, message or call over the phone to interact with one another more than to have a direct face to face interaction which slowly but steadily takes people to social aloofness and isolation.

  3. Time killing in lieu of time saving: Many people believe that interacting socially over social networks and social media saves time, energy and resource but in lieu to that they don’t believe that they are gradually tending towards being emotionless and less interactive and even a bigger irony, they remain unaware until they feel that it’s too far that they have traveled alone and no point getting back from there.

    The quality and essence of social interaction has been affected adversely: Due to the increased social media direct interaction has been given a straight setback and the bigger outcome is that the quality of interaction and the essence of emotions shared has also been affected badly. As a simple example, the conversations held over 20-30 odd messages on what’s app can’t make up for the real time interaction in a restaurant over a cup of coffee for half an hour and the few dead emoticons exchanged over messages can neither compensate for the true feelings and emotions.

Now when we look on the other side of the story, it’s entirely different and for some reasons we may go against the topic saying that It’s the Irony of Social media that social interaction has lessened because many people think that it has in fact improved and widened due to a few reasons:

1)People get more time and flexibility : The social media has facilitated with tremendous amount of time and flexibility both to people to interact socially and remain in touch even when are far apart. People can even remain in touch 24*7 and all because of social media. So, the level of interaction has in turn increased a lot and by no means lessened.

2)Frequent chats and conversations make the relationships more open: Due to the various social media and applications the chats and conversations have become much frequent and this leads to more open and clear conversations. Even there can be groups of 50 people formed on what’s app and up to 100 people on hike messenger and they all can interact simultaneously.

3)Easy Accessibility more interaction: As the social media is available on phones and hand-held devices as well, the mode of accessing it has become very soothing and easy and so people enjoy uninterrupted interaction. And such interactions lasts for hours.

4)Exchange of ideas, thoughts and emotions even if one is not in direct touch: It is the boon of social media that interaction occurs more profusely if a person is far far away from us. So, interaction level resulting in exchange of ideas, thoughts and emotions increase and that in turn results in healthy interaction for distant people.

Social Media has really changed the world and level of interaction among us. It has rather revolutionized the way of interaction as otherwise it would not have been possible to interact and remain socially connected with friends and relatives residing far away. But we need to focus more precisely on a fact that such social media interactions should never hamper our interaction level and essence and neither should it result in man becoming machines sitting with machines and interacting via machines. Media interaction is good but it should be confined to a limit that doesn’t hamper emotions and motives behind interactions.

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