Want to get promoted? Get rid of these office habits ASAP!

Superiors, colleaguesand clients of the organisation where you work observe you, closely. Here we enlist the bad habits which may drag you to their bad book.

Habits That Often Obstruct Your Promotion
Habits That Often Obstruct Your Promotion

Every single professional who is working for an organisation always wants to receive the shower of praises. But, the bad habit which he carries unknowingly and intentionally put him into the bad books of superiors, colleagues, and clients, who always observe their co-worker with a close eye. Further, an unprecedented criticism demoralises him and such a phenomenon if it has been created often affects the potentials of the professional. The bad habits which are responsible for erecting such a negative environment emerge as major roadblock or stumbling block for one’s success when it is been kept in routine practice. At First, an individual or a professional need to identify them, then he should try eliminate them completely.

A professional, who wants to evade such a negative environment and wants to eliminate the bad habits, need to have a look of what we mention below. 

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Don't be Late As It Might Obstruct Your Success

A professional who works in an organisation starts rationalising his/her lateness if he continues with this bad habit. One who joins duties late everyday start arguing to defend himself. The habit might lead to frequent argument with superiors, seniors, and co-workers which creates a separate negative environment. On another hand, coming late indicates disrespect for the co-workers, superiors, and employer who play a crucial role in a promotion. Moreover, you become more prone to miss the informal pieces of information which are discussed before executing the routine work. So, If you want to bridge these gaps, then you must join your duties 5-10 minutes early.

The Use of Abusive Words May Mark You As An Unprofessional

A word can’t taken back once it comes out of mouth and words, language, and way of communication reflects the overall personality of individual or a professional. Therefore, the words and language which we speak have a lot to do with the success of a professional. There are so many words which are considered as vile, abusive and indecent and have been banned in the organisation. So, every professional shouldn't use abusive words while interacting with others as if a words comes out from mouth, it can't be taken back. And the use of such an abusive word may mark you out as an unprofessional which might hamper your career.

3. Fighting for a fiefdom

A professional who wants to control a certain territory or sphere of operation starts spending less time on looking for the information about activities which are taking place in the rest of the organisation. Moreover, it might affect the team-spirit of the organisation. Superiors, seniors, and employers always keep a close watch on his/her fellow workers. They might perceive you as playing against the team-spirit of the organisation.

No tracking and organization system

A professional who is seeking promotion shouldn't forget the details, task, and other allied activities. The management and superiors of the organisation might perceive you as unfit to withstand the workload if you forget the same. And they would become reluctant to assign you a greater responsibility.

Be Attentive And Careful While Listening Others

One can’t be a good speaker if he isn’t a good listener. So, one should pay attention to what is being conveyed to him/her. Professional must have the listening skills because a planned work can't be executed properly if the instruction, points, and way of execution isn't clearly listened and understood by a professional who is supposed to execute the organisation's plans. And a professional fails to execute the plans of the organisation then it might create a matter of criticism which may obstruct the success. On another hand, many of the professionals like to share their ideas, thoughts, innovations, and new things, which they feel, with their co-workers. A good professional should listen to all those attentively as this will create an environment of faith and confidence around him/her.     


In professional world, everyone is always been under the surveillance of co-workers, colleagues, seniors, and superiors. And the way of one’s conduct manifest the prospect to others. We, in our daily life, make mistakes. In order to ratify them, we require identify them for their complete elimination. But, we often carry the extra baggage of the habits which unintentionally cause loses to us. Interestingly, we fail to identify the bad habits even after facing huge loses and embarrassment in our personal and, especially, in professional life. For their complete abolishment, we need to identify them. Here’re the what is causing you huge loses to you.

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