History Paper II of UPPSC Combined State Upper Subordinate Services Main Exam- 2010

Question Paper of History Paper II of the UPPSC Main Exam 2010. Read the questions of the Main Exam’s History Paper II and improve your preparation level with studying and answer writing practice of the already asked questions.

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History Paper II


Time Allowed : Three Hours

Maximum Marks : 200



(i) Attempt any five questions. It is essential to answer two questions from each section.

(ii) All question carry equal marks.


Section - A

1. Trace the growth of the land revenue system in india under the rule of East India Company and also point out its effects on the rural Society.  40

2. Examine the salient features of the Governement of India Act of 1935. Was it mere extension of the Act of 1919 ? Discuss.  40

3. Discuss the main features of India's foreign policy in Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru's tenure.  40

4. Write critical notes on any two of the following :

(a) The impact of the Revolution of 1857.

(b) Orientalism versus Anglicanism debate.

(c) Impact of Civil Disobedience Movement on national politics.

(d) Village (Rural) Life in the Writings of Premchand.


Section - B

5. What do you understand by Renaissance ? Throw light on its main features.

6. Discuss the causes of Industrial Revolution in England and also point out its effects.

7. Discuss the causes of the disintegration of the Soviet Union. What was its impact on international politics.

8. Throw light on the organization and objectives of the European Union. What was the impact of its formation on international Politics ?