How college students can make extra pocket money using YouTube?

Want to earn some extra pocket money in College? YouTube can be the money maker you have been looking for to pay for all your college bills that to with fun.

Gaurav Macwan
Nov 29, 2019, 13:06 IST
Indian College Students can make Extra Pocket Money using YouTube
Indian College Students can make Extra Pocket Money using YouTube

College students lead a very tough life, especially when it comes to managing their finances within the very limited pocket money they get. Therefore, it doesn’t come across as real surprise that they would try to earn a few extra bucks from different sources. Talking about incoming sources for college students, YouTube – the multi-million dollar video platform of Google is the perfect way for students to earn extra pocket money.

But the biggest question for college students who want to try their hands at YouTube is where to start from. What are the different ways in which they can earn money from YouTube and maximize their earning potential? If these same questions are bothering your mind as well, you are in luck. Below, you will find different ways through which you can earn money from YouTube.

Create Funny Sketches and Viral Videos

YouTube is full of college students doing stupid things in order to earn video views. When you are in college all you want is to have fun and what can be more fun than creating funny sketches or viral videos. You can create personalized videos showcasing the horrible mess food or a new skateboard trick that you learnt. Your audience will relate to the kind of content you create and shower their love on you in the form of subscription and video views.

Video Tutorials

As college student, what would you be very well-versed in – teaching something. Therefore video-tutorials are a big rage when it comes to YouTube, especially among college students. Creating video tutorial videos are very easy and require very less or almost no extra resources. All you need is a camera or just the camera of your smartphone would also do and something that you can teach. You can create teaching tutorial for tricky subjects like mathematics or explain a difficult concept related to physics of chemistry depending upon your comfort with the subject. The better you are able to explain the tutorial, the more viewers you will get and in-turn more money you will make. Another added advantage of creating video tutorial is that it also helps you learn new tricks and techniques and in-turn helps expand your knowledge base and master the fields you like.

Promote Products

Another simple way to earn money from YouTube is by promoting products. Today, almost everyday college students are bombarded with new products and services and making the right choice between them is extremely difficult. In such time, you can emerge as the balanced voice with neutral opinion who can guide them. Be it about the new reference books they must refer for their next assignment or the new fashion trend they must pick up to be cool on campus; you can promote products and help them make the right choice. Again promoting different products on your YouTube channel helps you to build you audience with the help of views you garner. In addition to this, you can also pick-up paid sponsorship deals from companies, once you become a popular YouTuber. We will discuss the point of paid sponsorship in detail below.

Create Products

If you are more into vocational courses or simply love the art of creating new stuff you can also start creating videos about products that you make. These can be very similar to the video tutorial but in these you can help other college students create innovative things. For instance,  if you know how to make a table or create artificial jewellery using beads and other simple things, a video helping others to do the same would be great for the audiences. The DIY or ‘Do It Yourself’ format is very popular on YouTube and garners millions of views every month. So rest assured, these videos will surely be very popular on the platform.

Affiliate / Referral Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the biggest sources of incomes for YouTubers, both new and experienced. Simply put, affiliate marketing means that you are paid by the companies for helping them convert doubters into customers. Today, with increasing competition convincing a customer to buy a product merely on the basis of core advertising techniques has become very difficult. Therefore, large companies depend upon trusted YouTubers to actually review their products and help customers understand all the features in detail. For instance, the sudden increase in the number of tech reviewers on YouTube is all thanks to the referral marketing business model. You are paid for helping customer make the right choice by explaining why and how a particular product can be useful to them. So, the next time you put out a video helping college students pick the best smartphone, it might just earn you some big-bucks from Samsung or Apple.

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YouTube Partner Programme

All through the write-up we have mentioned that views you garner on your YouTube videos are the main way through which you can earn money on YouTube. This is possible all thanks to YouTube partner programme. The YouTube partner programme allows YouTubers to monetize their videos with the help of advertising. The annoying advertisement you see at the start of any YouTube video or the display advertisement you see at the bottom or at the right side of the video are all placed by YouTube. These advertisements help earn money. You can also enable such advertisements and earn money from your YouTube videos. Once your YouTube channel reaches a pre-defined limit, you will also start getting premium price for the YouTube videos you monetize.

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Paid Sponsorships

Just like affiliate marketing, paid sponsorships are also another way to earn big bucks on YouTube. What this basically means is that a particular company would pay you money in order to endorse their product or service as part of your YouTube video. For instance, if you were creating a video about latest fashion trends on college campuses in India, you can seek sponsorship from leading fashion brands such as Zara or Pantaloons to help you pay for it. At times, the sponsors also help you get locations for on-site shoot for your videos. You can check out the video given below for a better understanding of paid sponsorship model videos on YouTube.

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Integrate with other YouTube Stars

Starting out on YouTube can be really frustrating at times. You will not be showered with video views or subscribers right from day 1. In fact, building your YouTube channel and name as a popular and trusted YouTuber is a tedious job. You need to be creative, consistent and smart in order to build your YouTube viewership. If you want to make this job easier, you can integrate with other YouTube stars which are already established in the industry. Once you are endorsed by them, you will grow fairly quickly in the YouTube universe. This would also mean that even companies would also approach you for paid sponsorships giving you another opportunity to earn.

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These were just few of the simple ways in which you can earn some extra money from YouTube during your college days. If you feel we have missed out on any other way that can help college student earn money from YouTube, please let us know through your comments below. You can also help us your fellow college mates by sharing this article with them; may be they will come up with a cool ideal for a YouTube channel or a video. For more interesting articles related to college life and managing your college finances, please visit

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