How should I revise?

What is the best way to revise to avoid last minute panic and stress?

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How should I revise?
How should I revise?

Q: What is the best way to revise lessons quickly?

A:1) Know your examination schedule and make a time-table accordingly.

2) Make sure that your place of study is peaceful,quiet, and comfortable,where you can work without being disturbed. If you study in a room where you also eat or sleep, try to keep the work area separate, so it's not always bothering you when you're not studying.

3) Try to make your revision more fun by experimenting with several revision techniques so that it keeps your motivation levels high.These might include making notes from text books, writing quick summaries of topics (in the form of mind maps perhaps), reciting facts out aloud, learning dates, formulae, or learning vocabulary by heart.

4) Mix dull subjects with more interesting ones to help you hold your interest and absorb information better.If it is difficult to get started, begin with something easy.

5) Actively think about, sift and question what you are writing and reading, and test yourself afterwards.Writing endless notes, mindlessly, is probably a waste of time.If you come to something you don't understand, try reading about it somewhere else.

6) Practice timed exam questions and papers.This can give you some idea of what the real exam will be like,and of how to divide your time between questions.Although exam papers are never the same, they are similar enough to be useful.

7) As soon as you notice your mind is losing concentration,take a short break. You will then come back to your revision refreshed.

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