CBSE 10th Boards 2021 Exam Alert! This Sample Paper Could Increase Your 10th Marks by upto 32%

CBSE Class 10 Board Exams play a crucial role in a student’s career. While every student strives to score excellent marks, only the ones with a strategic approach can ace the exams.

Created On: Dec 17, 2020 16:17 IST
How Solving CBSE Sample Papers 2021 Can Increase Your Class 10 Marks by up to 32%
How Solving CBSE Sample Papers 2021 Can Increase Your Class 10 Marks by up to 32%

CBSE Class 10 Board Exams play a crucial role in a student’s career. While every student strives to score excellent marks, only the ones with a strategic approach can ace the exams. A common question arising among students, teachers, and parents is that when all the students are actively preparing for the exams, why can’t all of them score well? 

There is a prominent difference between preparing for exams and preparing efficiently for exams. It has been observed that students who have been scoring well in the Board Exams prefer referring to several resources such as CBSE Sample Papers, Question Banks, etc. besides the prescribed textbooks. Why? Let us understand in detail.

Solving CBSE Sample Papers can help a student score well in Class 10 Board Exams. Here are some primary reasons-

1. Self-Assessment and Mock Tests

While you are bracing yourself for an important examination, you must give your best in preparing for the same. For that, you need to assess your understanding of every concept and analyse the level of retention. Solving a CBSE Sample Paper is an excellent way of doing that. By solving one Sample Paper every day, you will realise that you can decipher some questions easily while others are a little complicated. This implies that you need to revise the underlying concepts behind questions that seemed complicated. One of the most preferred Sample Papers by students are the Sample Papers published by Oswaal Books. This year, they have updated their CBSE Sample Paper for Class 10 according to the changes introduced on 9th October and the Reduced Syllabus for 2021 Exams.

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2. CBSE Sample papers are trailers of the final show

CBSE Sample Papers are designed after analysing the Previous Years’ Paper Pattern and the current syllabus. For instance, CBSE releases its official Sample Papers for class X before Board Exams to provide an insight into what type of questions students can expect in the final examination. So, by solving CBSE Sample Papers you will be able to comprehend the expected paper pattern well. Oswaal CBSE Sample Papers include the new Typologies of Questions like Visual Case Study Based Questions which are suggested for 2021 Exams. Certainly, solving these CBSE Sample Papers will help you increase your Class 10 marks by a good percentage.

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3. Practising Paper Writing and Time Management

If you take 10-15 mins for revision after completing your paper, it helps you identify and correct your mistakes before submitting. However, Board Exams can be very lengthy and students often fail to complete the entire paper on time or end up with little time for revision. In that case, you need to manage your time accordingly so that you are left with at least 15 mins for reviewing your answer sheet. Attempting CBSE Sample Paper for Class 10 in the three-hour framework will help you devise certain modulations in your writing speed and problem-solving in the examination. Which means you will be able to present your answers within the time limit, review your answers, correct silly mistakes, and eliminate marks deductions. 

How Solving CBSE Sample Papers 2021 Can Increase Your Class 10 Marks by up to 32%

4. Boosts Confidence

Have you been taught that anything done with utmost confidence can prove to be fruitful? Yes, when you are confident about your preparations, you will automatically approach the question paper efficiently and score good marks. How to boost your confidence? By familiarizing yourself with the particulars of the paper for the final examination. This is easily possible when you solve CBSE Sample Paper for Class 10 2-3 months before exams. Solving CBSE Sample Papers will boost your confidence and positively affect your marks.

From where can you get the ideal Sample Papers for Class 10?

CBSE’s official Sample Paper for Class 10 is released every year to help the students gain a perspective of the upcoming examinations. Besides this, if you are looking for some more CBSE Sample Papers for Class 10, you can shop from Oswaal Books and get yourself an incredibly helpful resource. Here are some details of the contents included in Oswaal CBSE Sample Paper Class 10 for 2020-21:

1. Oswaal CBSE Sample Paper Class 10 is an exam-targeted resource with 5 solved and 5 unsolved self-assessment papers.

2. Solved Sample Papers include perfect answers according to the Board Marking Scheme and word limit.

3. All the papers are embedded with proper hints.

4. Answering Tips are provided to polish the concepts and excel paper writing techniques

5. Commonly Made Errors are also specified to make sure students are aware of such mistakes and try to avoid the same

6. Innovative Cognitive Learning tools like Mind Maps and Oswaal Grammar Charts are included for an in-depth practice.


Board Exam Preparation is not a cakewalk for every student, but undergoing a strategic, methodological, and systematic plan-of-action with the right study material can prove to be highly beneficial. With a student-centric approach and many years of excellent performance, Oswaal Book strives to provide updated, comprehensive, and relevant study material to simplify learning for the students.

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