How to build focus and get rid of distractions

With so much content to produce on the internet and television, the ability to focus gets worsened over time. Here we tell you the ways to re-build it.

Created On: Jun 15, 2020 15:48 IST
How to build focus and get rid of distractions
How to build focus and get rid of distractions

College can be quite overwhelming at times especially for students. Striving to maintain your grades while at the same time trying to make the best of the college life experiences can be quite a hard task. And just think about multi-tasking it with a part time or freelancing job, relationships, college submissions and other personal tasks. In such a scenario staying focused on the task that you are currently doing is quite important.

But more often than not we get distracted by things around us. From a phone call, to that interesting article online, or a new notification, or it could even be a tempting book that you have been stalling for long time.  Have you ever experienced that when you sit down to study with full determination a few minutes later you’re scrolling mindlessly through your social media news feed. Even the most boring of tasks suddenly seem quite interesting when you sit down to study, don't they.

Well, if this is true for you and you are struggling hard to focus and concentrate on your studies then, you have come to the right place. In this article, we have discussed some effective ways in which you can focus and get rid of the distractions. For, if you learn nothing after sitting down for studying then it's all a complete waste of both your time and efforts.

Build the focusing stamina       

You workout in gyms or play sports to build your physical stamina but what about your mental stamina. Your ability to focus and concentrate something depends on the strength of your mental stamina. And, just like your physical stamina doesn't builds overnight and takes regular practice and dedication. The same is true for your mental stamina. To build your mental stamina try and focus on one task at a time. Keep the goals achievable in the beginning and then slowly increase as them as  your feel your stamina building. Practice the process as you would with any physical workout and overtime you’ll notice an increase in your focusing ability.

Read What’s Relevant

When it comes to information gathering we usually make our way to internet. While there is no doubt in the fact that the internet is an ocean of information and you’ll find tons of content online on any given subject you have to be carefully what's worthy of reading and what's not. As this is where the problem arises by the time when we read something consequential our brain is already tried and exhausted by the large amounts of binge reading that we do. So, to improve your focus, give yourself a target of reading for about 30 minutes straight. Also, try and print out the relevant reading material that you find online. Keep your phone and any other distracting item aside and then read the relevant content.

Avoid Multitasking

When in college we have so many things to get done and such little time for each of them. Multitasking then sort of becomes a thing in college for students. They try to do multiple things at once but in the end they are not able to give their best to everything. As multitasking reduces your ability to focus and distributes it over multiple things. Often, multitasking results in one taking longer to complete the task as compared to the time it would have taken completing them one at a time.

Make a schedule or to-do list

Sometimes multi-tasking is unavoidable but juggling multiple projects and deadlines can lead to stress. Also, sometimes working on a project you might completely forget about the other. All this happens because you are unable to focus on the project at hand. Making a schedule or to-do list then can be quite effective in situations like these. It will help you keep track of your activities and task along with the amount of time you have for each one of them. Thus, allowing you to focus more and in a better way.

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Break Down Work into smaller tasks

Lack of focus results in procrastination which often then leads to frustration which is not a good thing for college students. You can easily eliminate this problem by motivating yourself to complete your tasks in smaller parts rather than seeing it as one big whole task. Also take a small break every few hours or so when you are studying. It helps refresh your mind and improve your focusing ability.

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Here are some things you must keep in mind to improve your daily routine apart from your study time.

Have a good pre-study routine -Having a good routine apart from your study time is also important. It can help you stay motivated and boost your confidence and focus.

Get Proper Sleep – Sleep is very essential to help your mind relax. Students often spend sleepless nights during exam days thinking sleep is a waste of time and they can cover a lot more of syllabus instead of sleeping. But lack of sleep makes one groggy and tried and also leads to lack of focus and concentration.

Eating Healthy Breakfast – A popular saying states that one should have the breakfast like that of a King. And that is quite right as eating as good breakfast helps your maintain your energy level throughout the day.

Regular Exercise – Exercising is a great way to build both your physical and mental stamina. You need not hit the gym for it even a 15-20 minutes of stretching of muscles can get you started for the day. But mind you exercise must be done on daily basis. It could be walking, aerobics, dancing or gym depending on your preferences.

Watch your caffeine intake – Coffee is one of the preferred morning drinks of college students. After all, it’s what gets them through the day after spending a sleepless night. Too much of coffee during the day dehydrates your body to a great extent. While consuming too much of it at night hinder your sleeping routine which then affects your health in the long run.

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To Conclude,

You can start by making a list of three things that you need to get done on a particular day, next day or even the month. Accept the challenges as they come and shall you fail, try to improve on your weakness and focus on performing better the next time. Reward yourself for the tasks or goals achieved. Focusing on a task is not as hard as it seems to be. It only requires you to be persistent and dedicated through the process. Follow these above mentioned tips and you’ll surely find your focus increasing over period of time.

Hope the above mentioned tips will help you focus better and rid yourself of distractions during the studying hours. For more such articles on building focus or other learning methods please visit,

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