How to Crack SSB day 2

We will provide you tips on ‘How to crack SSB’, which will help you to get final selection in NDA and CDS Exam.

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Service Selection Board (SSB):  SSB means Service Selection Board.  It is set by the ministry of Defense for the recruitment of officers to the Tri Forces such as Army, Navy and Air force.  The Selection Board consists of senior officers from defense forces usually in the rank of major, colonel, Lt Colonel. The board consists of psychologists, GTO to check the candidate’s ability to defence forces.


PSYCHOLOGICAL PROCESS:  On second the day various tests are conducted to check the psychological suitability of the candidate to be an officer or to have officers like qualities.

1.Thematic Apperception Test [TAT]

2.Word Association Test [WAT]

3.Situation Reaction Test [SRT]

4.Self Description Test [ SDT]

Thematic Appreciation Test (TAT):

How to Crack SSB day 1

•A hazy (unclear) series of 11 + 1 picture are shown to the candidates where the candidate has to write down a story for the picture.

•The 12th picture is the blank picture in which the candidate has to imagine a situation and write a story according to that. This is also called as imagination test. The pictures can consist of hero, environmental situation, different characters etc.

• Candidates need to focus on what is happening in the situation, or what is the outcome of the situation.

Word Association Test [WAT]:  

•This projection technique is used by the psychologist to check the personality of the candidate. In this candidates are shown a word on a screen for 15 seconds and they have to write down the first thought which comes to their mind, total 60 words will be shown within the gap of 15 seconds each.

•The words will be very easy which is used in day to day life to check the proficiency in the English language. If you cannot find the meaning of any word candidates can skip the word and can move to the other without breaking the sequence.

•Candidates are suggested to write positive, friendly, lively sentences.

•Negative words are also given, candidates are advised to write or convert them into positive.

•Responses must be in past or present avoiding the future which is imaginary.

Situation Reaction Test (SRT): This test is followed by WAT within the time limit of 10 minutes.      
• Question paper and response sheet is given separately to response to different life situation.

•Reaction expected from a candidate in this test should be practical, logical and reliable.

•Total number of question asked is 60 with the time limit of 30 minutes.

•This test requires the important tool which is the presence of mind.

•Candidates are advised to practice SRT from real life situation or news to understand how they will react if they suffer or get stuck in that situation.

•A good attitude positive approach is required for every reaction without showing any fear of handling the situation.

• Keep in mind Quality of the reaction is important than quantity.

Self Description Test: Self description is nothing but putting our self in the view of our self and in the view of our close ones (parents, teacher, and friends).

•Time allotted for this test is 15 minutes.

•Candidates need to write about themselves or what they are thinking about parents, family, friends, neighbors etc.  And also the vice –versa what they are thinking about you.

•Finding your strength and weaknesses before will help you in this test.


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