How to Crack SSB day 3

We will provide you tips on ‘How to crack SSB’, which will help you to get final selection in NDA and CDS Exam.

Created On: Jan 29, 2016 14:40 IST

 SSB : Day 3

1.Group discussion (Indoor Task):  Group discussion is the important task of day 3 where candidates are given a topic to discuss. In this candidates are divided into 8 -12 members based on their chest numbers.  Three options are given to select one for the first G.D after selection  usually 3 minutes are given to think and then discussion starts. After completing the first G.D second topic is given which is compulsory one. The Expectation from the candidate in this round is good communication skills, leadership, coordination, listening, knowledge and most importantly confidence.

2.Group Planning Exercise or Military Planning Exercise.(G.P.E or M.P.E):
 It is a set or problems or critical situations in which the candidate has to put up himself, engage his team or group of friends in finding the solution for those problems along with that his/her team should get succeeded in their own problem. Candidates sit in semi-circle based on the chest numbers where assessor narrates the story with the model and written pad is given in which problems are related to stories for which candidates individually need to provide the solution and common discussion is done to provide the solution. In M.P.E, it is a series of tough situation where the candidate is putting himself, his team in various situations i.e. extracting work from his team by allocating them based on the priority of the problem. He will be noticed by GTO officer to show his all OLQ.

3.Progressive Group Task (outdoor task):

This task is about set of obstacles in ground in a specified area in that you and your team members should cross each obstacle defined by set of rules.  To cross those obstacles, some helping materials are given by the G.T.O.  i.e. (wooden log), Plank, and rope to tie these. Time allotted for this task is 40 to 60 minutes it’s a team activity as when one task is finished group will move to another task to finish. The Difficulty level of the task also increases one by one.

4.Group Obstacle Race: In this task the group is pitched against each other over a set of six obstacles with a snake like a load to carry.

5. Half Group Task: The group is divided in half E.g.:- If there are (10-12 members) then the group may get divided into 5-6 members.  So in this situation, the candidate can able to analyze their different views to solve the task.  The rules and helping materials are same like P.G.T. only.  But the difference is the number of persons. The helping material is given like wooden plank or rope along with they have to carry a load from one end to another end.  Violation of the rules in this task will not be entertained by G.T.O.

6.Individual Lecturette: It is an individual task and the candidate is required to give a short talk to the group. Three minutes are allowed to prepare any chosen topic from the four given in the Lecturette Cards for the talk.

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