IAS Exam : How to get selected

IAS officers are not made in a day. It takes a load full of perseverance, determination and will power to reach the height of a civil servant. Hence, we provide an in-depth analysis on each and aspect of becoming an ias officer from the first step of realising the dream to finally accomplishing it.

IAS Exam 2019 How to get selected
IAS Exam 2019 How to get selected

IAS exam is not just a competitive exam for students, it is a long enriching journey of perseverance and determination which will lead to success.

Ias exam always had a sense of fascination and passion attached to it because it is supposed to the most accomplished job in the country. Ias officer’s job is considered to have a blend of all the three most desired things that is power, prestige and money.

It is often said that it’s always better to measure the height of the cliff before jumping from it. Therefore, here we have tried to formulate a stop destination for all the repository information needed to clear the ias exam and even details needed to be known after becoming an ias officer.

For the benefit of IAS aspirants, Jagran Josh is providing complete details related to the Civil Services Exam 2019 and the effective ways to clear the exam.

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IAS Notification:

Upsc notification is the most awaited and anticipated news of the year as it specifies the most crucial details like ias eligibility, ias syllabus and ias pattern. We provide here a detailed outlook on how the whole process of upsc notification works and what should an ias aspirant expect from an ias notification.

The notification is available on the website at www.upsc.gov.in. Candidates can apply in an electronically readable application form, which is common for all examinations. This year upsc has released notification for civil services 2017 and forest services 2017 exam with only 980 vacancies which is 99 lesser vacancies than last year.

IAS Syllabus Video

IAS Syllabus:

Ias syllabus needs to be deciphered from the socio- economic perspective required for the ias exam. This socio- economic perspective is very helpful in unlocking the hidden meanings of the topics given in the ias syllabus.

Ias syllabus needs to be fully covered to ensure the selection in the ias exam. Since the commencement of Indian civil services examination, the syllabus mostly has remained same till 2013 where a huge shift was seen in the ias mains syllabus and one optional paper was completely scraped from the syllabus.

Therefore, we provide the whole evolutionary pattern in the ias syllabus and how the student how to approach the syllabus.

IAS Interview experiences of IAS Toppers

Experience life of IAS Toppers:

It can be well stated that race of success has been always self-proclaimed; it’s up to an individual to decide when to stop running or to always be in the chase of excellence.

In present times where a significant well off youngsters cash their precious time in self-indulgence, there is an existing underprivileged group of students who with their iron willpower are breaking all stereotypes to reach golden heights in their career. Let’s recharge our zest for achievement by reading these magnificent stories.

IAS Success Stories which Motivates the IAS Aspirants

The civil service is considered as a hallmark of governance in India and to get into the civil services remains a dream job for the many students in India. Upsc ias exam is considered as one of the toughest exams in India. For the students who are engaged in the preparation of upsc ias exam, we have provided a list of top jobs under civil services in India; can work as a motivational for those aspiring students.

Top 6 services in the UPSC Exam

How to prepare for IAS exam?

Ias preparation is the evolution of the perspective. Once you are well settled with the fact that every aspirant needs to plan their own path in this exam, the next question arises how to start or initiate with the preparation?

How to prepare for IAS Exam with a full-time job?

Statistics show that most of the ias officers started their preparation during their graduation years and some are the high-spirited aspirants who clear the exam with a full- time job. Whether a student or an employee, the bottom line is that an ias aspirant needs to have the determination and willpower to succeed in this exam. Therefore, here we present you with a full-fledged strategy to kick start your preparation irrespective of your age, job status or graduation status.

How to prepare for IAS with Engineering

Best Books for IAS:

“Well begun is half done”- this phase is truly suited for general studies of ias exam as if students have the right guidance and study material, the journey becomes a less hectic. Hence, we provide a vivid booklist/ study material for all the budding ias aspirants to streamline their preparation early in the ias journey.

Best Recommended Books for IAS

Ias toppers are often regarded as role models by aspiring ias exam candidates and it is extremely important for ias aspirants to acquaint themselves with the books, sources and study material followed by ias toppers. Hence, we provide latest, most important and scoring books/sources list referred by ias toppers for ias exam.

Best Books suggested by IAS Toppers

How to plan your studies for IAS?

How to plan for the toughest exam in the country? - This question often crosses the mind of ias aspirants. But all the aspiring students should remember that if life becomes tough you become tougher and hence to prepare for the tough exam, a student should prepare a more determined strategic plan.

Top 5 points that need to be considered before starting IAS Preparation

A personalised strategy is always a better option in the ias examination, but there is no harm in considering a common take on ias exam planning. Therefore, we provide students with the latest tips and strategies to develop a workable plan according to the trends in the ias preparation.

Common Mistakes in the IAS Preparation

Effective Time Table

A disciplined routine in life is the first prerequisite to qualify in the ias exam and especially for the non-humanities background students who are totally new to core subjects like history, geography and polity, an effective timetable is a necessity.

Therefore, in the following article, we provide an all new strategy to develop a most practical and close to an applicable timetable for ias as well as tips to maintain the timetable.

How to create an effective timetable for IAS Preparation?

Health Tips for IAS- Lifestyle:

It is rightly said that ” Health is wealth” and hence no student can achieve his/her goal without the adoption of a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle ensures discipline and better body and mind coordination, which is essentially needed in the long run of ias exam preparation.

8 Healthy Food Habits for IAS Toppers!

Therefore, we provide ias aspirants with extremely essential and applicable tips for a better healthy practice in everyday lifestyle which will enhance the study schedule of 10 hrs or more.

Lifestyle required to become an IAS officer

Stress Management:

The ias exam doesn’t just test your academic or general knowledge but it tests your strength each and every minute of your preparation. Stress and insecurity are always part and parcel of ias preparation.

The stress of ias preparation can be managed and avoided by including some simple but effective steps in your daily routine. Some of the tips are being physically active, having balanced diet, avoiding stimulants, taking out time for entertainment, developing a Hobby, taking rest & sleep well and finally being positive and confident.

Answer Writing Practice

What should be the ideal answer for any question? - This is a baffling question in itself. With a varied background came varied ideas and perspectives, but it’s totally on an aspirant’s judgment to decide what is apt to be mentioned and what not.  Credit will be given to orderly, effective and exact expression combined with due economy of words in all subjects of the examination.

Therefore, we would like to deduce certain superlative characteristics that should be kept in mind while writing an answer to any subject. These easy enhancements tricks can change the way to approach any question and will provide better insight into a surprising question.

Answer Writing Tips for IAS Exam

Study Current Affairs

Current affairs form the cornerstone of the ias preparation and hence it should be given priority in the ias preparation. A current affairs section of the ias syllabus is the most dynamic section and is requires a daily update in the whole ias preparation. It requires the macro analysis of the current affairs topics which affects the socioeconomic condition of the nation. Here, we present exclusive current affairs material for ias exam.

Current affair in the ias prelims exam has achieved greater significance in the last few years. This is the most critical part of ias prelims as well as ias mains Exam. In fact, all the questions in ias exams are drafted around current affairs.

7 Ways to beat Stress during IAS Preparation

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