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To ensure that you give your career the perfect start it is very important to find the right first job. Follow these steps to find yourself the right first job.

Feb 20, 2020, 11:49 IST
How to get the perfect first job?
How to get the perfect first job?

College is the first step towards building for ourselves a great professional career. From interning at various organizations and preparing for interviews at the time of placements, students put in a lot of efforts to find themselves the perfect job. But to ensure that you give your career the perfect start it is very important to find for yourself the right first job. Your first job is your first real interaction with the professional world. As an intern you are introduced only to the surface working of any organizations doing only minimal work. But when you start working as an employee things are different. You are a part of the organization and your actions reflect upon the company’s image. Hence, it is important that to find yourself a workplace where you feel comfortable and are inspired to work and perform better. Here are some steps you can follow to find yourself the perfect first job.

Job Profile

The job profile of the job that you are being offered is very important when it comes to finding yourself the perfect first job. The kind of work that you’ll be doing at your workplace is very important. It will the lay the foundation of the skills that you’ll learn and pick up. Skills that will aid in the growth of your career. A lot of freshers make great mistakes when it comes to picking the right first job. And the biggest culprit for that is the misplaced preferences that they hold when shortlisting the job offers. For example, the majority of fresh graduates’ places salary offered as the most important criteria when finalizing upon the job offers made to them. Do not make this mistake.

Remember that money is not the most important criteria when it comes to job hunting especially when you are just kick starting your career. You have an entire life ahead to focus on getting better salary. Better utilize the initial years of your professional career to learn new skills and improve your potential. Focus on the quality of your work. Take up a job that fits your interests, offers you opportunities of growth, provides you a chance to learn new skills and most importantly does justice to your academic qualifications.

Corporate v/s Startups  

Whether you decide to take up a job opportunity at a startup or at some well-known corporate house the choice is entirely yours. For there is no right or wrong answer to the debate on the topic of which place is better to start your career. Both these places have a great deal of things to offer to you. But it depends upon your needs and requirements and also on your field of academic background. A job at an established corporate house adds a lot of stars to your resume. For when you’ll make a jump to another work place the branding of the major corporate on your CV will add a lot of weight to your profile. Moreover, it will also teach you a lot of coveted business practices and you’ll get a chance to hone and sharpen your skills in a defined field.

Life at a startup on the other hand is more dynamic. As there is a short of hands on deck a single person is responsible for multiple departments. Thus, working at a startup will teach your multitasking and also help gain hands on experience of working with different departments. Pick the place that suits your needs and requirements. If you are looking to advance in a particular department corporates might be a better option and if you are looking to increase your skill base in various departments startup might be the road to take.

Learning is the key

At your first job you’ll never be expected to be an expert at the job. You seniors will be more cooperative and helpful. You have more opportunities to learn and experiment with your skills. In short, your first job is all about learning and developing your skills. Putting your academic knowledge to practical use and learning that things work in very different dynamics when the classroom theories are put to practical tests. Thus, you should picks a place that offers you opportunities for learning, growth and the chance to hone your skills. A place with extensive training and development programs for employees might be the best option for you. For when you make your jump you’ll have a great profile that would get you offers from bigger organizations and for better work profiles.

If you have any doubts regarding the work profile or the environment and opportunities for learning and growth don’t hesitate to ask questions to your employer. Not just your first job but any job that you’ll take up in future would add your success. But finding the right first job is essential as it is the first step, the first building block of your professional career. And if the foundation itself is wrong then how can one build a strong structure on it. Thus, make sure that you find yourself the perfect first job. Liked this article? Please share it with your friend and peers. And for more such articles on college life, please visit Alternatively, you can also get such articles directly in your inbox by submitting your email id in the form given below.

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