How to impress your interviewer in a telephonic interview?

Stressed about your first ever telephonic interview? Worry not, follow these simple telephonic interview tips to leave a great impression on the interviewer

Feb 13, 2020, 18:25 IST
How to impress your interviewer in a telephonic interview?
How to impress your interviewer in a telephonic interview?

College students are often found to be ill-prepared for a job interview and the situation gets even worse when it comes to telephonic interviews. While majority of corporate organizations prefer a face-to-face interview with college freshers, telephonic interviews also have gained a lot of popularity of late. With a shortage of time or in case of candidates residing in another town or city, telephonic interviews are fast becoming the norm of the day. But, when it comes to telephonic interviews, college students who are just walking out of their campuses are often found unprepared for the interviews. If you are also one of them, check out these simple ways in which you can ace a telephonic interview and impress your interviewer.

Research about the Company

It's important to have a sound knowledge of the organization's background, current projects, and other important works. This applies to both the telephonic interviews and face to face interview sessions. The basic reason for doing this is to first determine, if you would like to work at the company for which you are interviewing. If yes, then you need to have a good understanding of their objectives and goals. Having such information helps you in leaving a great impression on the interviewer. As it makes you appear interested and enthusiastic about both the company and the job profile. Hence, researching the organization is a must.

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Pick an Appropriate Place

Appearing for the telephonic round of interview means that you get to choose the venue for the interview. It could be any place that makes you feel comfortable. But no matter which place you pick, make sure that it is free from noise and frequent disturbances. Noisy surroundings would disturb not just you but also the interviewer. Also, if it's a video call then you need to make sure the area behind you is clean. A cluttered or an unorganized background may give the wrong impression about your personality to the interviewer. Make sure you make all these preparations in time beforehand so, that no one disturbs you during the interview session. 

Practice Interviewing

Telephonic interviews are a little bit trickier than face to face interviews. This is because, you only have your voice to impress the interviewer. Your first telephonic interview might end up as a disaster if you haven't practiced for it beforehand. Get a friend or a colleague to conduct a mock telephonic interview for you. It will help you rehearse the answers to some of the commonly asked questions. You will also get an idea of how loudly should you speak. Also, make a recording of these mock interviews and analyze them later to figure what points you need to work on. They will help you familiarize yourself with the process and feel more comfortable and confident.

Make Notes

Another advantage of appearing for telephonic interviews is that you can make notes for the commonly asked questions. Keep these notes next to you. A sound knowledge of the field that you are working in can take you a long way in impressing the interviewer. Although, it's not the sole measure of your selection but it can be a great added advantage. However, make sure these cheat codes are only for your reference and it should not appear to the interviewer as if you are reading the answer from  a notebook. So, make sure to memorize the material but it keep it handy for a quick glance in case you forget something.

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Follow- Up After the interview

Once the interview winds up don't forget to follow up with your interviewer. Make sure that you send out a thank you email to them. And if you don't have your interviewer's email id make it a point to ask them for it at the end of the interview session. You need not send out an email immediately but do send it out by the next day at the max. You can also use this as an opportunity to restate your interest for the position. Or mention about any skills that you might have missed out on during the interview.

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To Conclude,

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