How to make friends in college?

Some helpful advice and tips on how to make good friends in college.

Created On: Dec 10, 2019 14:42 IST
How to make friends in college?
How to make friends in college?

The hardest part of going to college and leaving high school is that you’d also be leaving behind your home town and your school friends. A new city, new people you’ll have to start everything afresh all over once again. But making friends isn’t all that hard in college. There are so many things and places where you can meet people of similar likes and dislikes as you. Sometimes, college environment can prove to be a little overwhelming and it might seem hard to approach new people. Making friends in college requires a conscious effort, you need to make sure that you don’t fall in the bad company and waste away precious years of your life. You might have to get out of your comfort zone and take the first step and introduce yourself to people around you. Now if you are wondering how to do that and where to find people who share some interests with you worry not, here are some tips to help you make new friends in college.

Join Clubs or Societies

When you join a club or a society of your interest it is easier to find people with similar passion as that of yours. You’ll have common topics and grounds to start of a conversation on. Suppose, you join the music band of your college, it is a team activity, you’ll have to go to practice sessions and will surely hang out too with the members of your group. You’ll discuss your favourite artists, share your own songs and mixes it will help form bonds much more easily.

Volunteer for On-Campus and Off-Campus

There are numerous events and activities happening on and around your campus. Become a part of these celebrations as a volunteer, it will help you connect with people from other courses and programs. Be a part of fests and events outside your college too. It will help you make connection with people outside of your circle. Exchange numbers or connect with your fellow volunteers on social media.

Take up a Sports

If you are interested in sports go for trials in the sports you like. They are a great way to meet new people and make good friends. You could also take up some extra-curricular activities. Team sports help you bond with new people it’s the fastest way to make new friends.

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Talk to people in your classes

During the initial days of college try to sit with some new person every few days. Talk to them, invite them to hang out with you and your friends. Also, ask them to bring in their friends. It will help you connect with more people. And remember stay connected with those, with whom who form a mutual bond. Say hi, pass a smile, invite each other to events slowly your acquaintance will form into a friendship. And ones that last the test of time will be the ones that are will last forever. 

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Stay in a hostel

If possible try and stay at a hostel or a PG rather than stay at home even if you live close by to your college. Staying at a place with fellow students will help you make connections and hang out with friends. Hostel is one of the most happening part of a student’s college life. The late night, hanging out with friends on hostel roof, sneaking past the warden round to celebrate birthday’s at midnight. All these things can help you make new friends and share some exciting moments together.

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College friendships are very unique. You spend almost 3-4 years of life with your friends. And if you happen to live in a hostel it is your friends only who are there for you in the moments of your success and failures. You share with them the secrets that you’d never tell anyone not your school friends nor your siblings. It is important to have friends who’d always have your back no matter what. Thus, be careful of the group that you associate yourself with. Make sure that you’d be comfortable spending a great deal of your time for the next few years with them.

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