SSC CGL preparation with a full-time job

In the following article, we will discuss the preparation tips comprehensively to crack this exam. In fact, we will give you all the necessary & helpful tips exactly, which will be very valuable for the self-assessment.

SSC CGL preparation
SSC CGL preparation

SSC CGL Preparation tips: SSC is the most desirable job among all other government jobs after the UPSC civil services exam. SSC offers you all benefits and facilities under Group-‘B’ & ‘C’ as other jobs rarely offer. Many of you have a question in your mind, “Is it possible to prepare SSC CGL exam with a full-time job.” Yes, we believe it quite possible and feasible to qualify SSC CGL examination. It is all about time management and systematic study of the respective subjects. We recommend you to study via making weekly plans and to focus more only on those subjects that have high weight in the SSC CGL question paper. To achieve this motive, you have to manage your time in weekends. There is no other way. Yes! studying with a job is definitely difficult for working professionals.In the following article, we will discuss the preparation tips comprehensively to crack this exam. In fact, we will give you all the necessary & helpful tips exactly, which will be very valuable for the self-assessment. Self-assessment is important because you know yourself best, your time, your priorities, and your ambitions.

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Daily timetable for preparing SSC CGL and CHSL exams

Curiosity, hard work, and confidence are the key to success in all competitive exams. These attributes are developed upon the dedicated study of hours. We recommend you to study at least 4 to 5 hours in a day in covering all the necessary topics as per the SSC CGL notification. Now, here a question will arise in your mind about “How to manage four hours out of a day along with nine hours full-time job.”  Let us understand it in detail-

SSC CGL preparation tips for full-time working professionals

Morning study

In Hindu mythology, the time from 4:30 am to 5:30 am is called Brahma Muhurtha. In this time, whatever you practice, give you more benefit and remain stable for a long time. Therefore, we suggest you wake up early in the morning between these time slot and study at least for 2 hours. This time is ideal for recalling & practicing General awareness and English comprehension topics. Usually, Most of the jobs start from 10:00 AM in the morning and lasts up to 7:00 PM in the evening. Therefore, there will be 9:00 PM to 11:00 PM slot free for you in the evening after completing your daily routine work. Book this time slot only for studying quantitative aptitude and reasoning subjects. Make a habit of not to sleep before the studying in the evening.

Study on weekends

Weekends area gift for your preparations. Study as much as possible in these two days. Make a weekly plan and complete 3-4 topics of SSC CGL syllabus. These topics must be prepared in such a way that you could grasp all the related concepts efficiently and make sure that there will be no need to revise them in future.

Assess yourself

 If you started your preparation after a long time, then we firstly suggest you to check your retained knowledge or aptitude in all subjects. Mock tests, previous year question papers, and online quizzes are the best instruments to testify your competitiveness. Now, you will be familiar with your strong and weak aspects of preparation for which you can plan accordingly.

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Weekend coaching classes

 As SSC has changed its examination pattern and excluded the interview round for all posts. Hence, there will be a tough competition and level of question paper will be difficult as well. Along with your full-time job, it is very difficult to, prepare study notes, collect practice material, gain knowledge of shortcut tricks, build concepts, and clearing doubts. In this context, we advise you to join coaching classes on weekends and weekdays if possible. Most of the candidates think that joining a coaching class is a total crap as they charge much higher and most of the study times are wasted. It totally depends upon you and your caliber to sustain your preparation.

Study in bits

As, we all know that private sector jobs are always hectic and tight on schedule. Therefore, it is very necessary to estimate the overall nature of the current job and find when you get time for yourself extra. It may be lunch time, coffee time and events time. To utilize this precious time, we recommend you to download some useful app like jagranjosh app, Mahendra’s online test, and SSCadda. Here, you can find the test material ranging from the easiest to the toughest. On an average, you can solve two quizzes in just 30 minutes of different topics. These apps can be accessed while you are traveling or sitting anywhere else. In this time, you can focus on English language and prepare for one-word substitution, idiom phrases, Synonyms and Antonyms. Make a habit of doing it regularly.

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Prepare difficult topics first

As you are a working professional, it is advisable to figure the most scoring subjects and topics, which help you in gaining maximum marks with the nominal efforts. For Quant section, Mensuration, Algebra, Trigonometry, and Geometry are the four topics, which are very scoring as they are asked in maximum number and require time to solve questions. Other priorities are profit & loss, simple & compound interest and time & work that are of very simple nature and require a little time. So, learn shortcut tricks to save the time for other sections. In Quant section, every chapter has some questions that are repeated periodically. Now, you may be thinking about the shortcut tricks for other sections. We want to clearly say that other sections do not have shortcut tricks as per our consent. You have to study in details and clarify the types of questions that are asked frequently. Practice and study as much as you can.

Do not fear about the English language

It is the most difficult section to score for aspirants, as it does not contain any shortcut tricks, logics, and concepts. To gain maximum marks, we advise you to go through ’The Hindu’ newspaper daily for developing the overall understanding of the language and grammar. Apart from this, you can go for Wren and Martin book for completing rules and tricks of grammar.

With the above study material, you can develop a better understanding of English vocabulary, active/passive voice, direct and indirect speech, antonyms & synonyms, parts of speech, sentence correction & completion and other grammatical errors. Consider it seriously for the preparation.

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Positive approach

Do not get demotivated by the internal and external factors. Always be optimistic and cheerful about your preparation. At any point of time during preparation, if you feel stressed or tired then keep calm and focus on your aim. It is observed that internal factors like other better career options, bad health, bad academic records, etc. deviate the students mostly.

We at are dedicated to present all necessary information about the preparation, career guidance, and new SSC jobs. At last, we will conclude reminding you “A better time management begins with Planning.” So, do not forget to plan before going to preparation.

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