How to quit your current job without burning any bridges?

“How to resign from current job,” This question may be answered in several ways. But here we are suggesting what ways are more effective.

How to quit your current job without burning any bridges?
How to quit your current job without burning any bridges?

Don’t close your eyes to this stage of your career in your last organisation. One day, you’ll have to face it. This may happen this month. Or, it may be after this year. But it’ll definitely happen. So, get prepared with your key answers, smart explanations, and clarification if you want to leave your last organisation without burning the old bridges. 

To know how to resign from your current job, go through the key answers, smart explanations and clarifications we have enlisted here.

Inform Your Reporting Manager Or Boss

Inform your immediate boss or reporting manager first if you have decided to resign from your current job. Because, it may displease your boss and give a crack to the relation that you have built with your immediate boss working with him/her if he/she come to know your decision from the source other than you. As far as career growth or advancement is concerned, the managers, seniors, superiors, and co-workers are always helpful in availing the opportunities. So, always keep your relationship with manager or reporting boss intact.  

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Write A Well Bred, Humble, And Simple Resignation Letter

Have you got your offer letter from the new organisation that you want join after quitting current one? If yes, then,write a well bred, humble, and simple resignation letter communicating what is your next career plan. Mention the soul satisfying moments outlining how much you enjoyed them. Cite the new lessons you have learned from your mistakes that were ratified by your seniors. Don’t state anything negative that can create your negative image.

Outline your accomplishments, achievements, and role that you played

Before leaving current organisation, try to acknowledge the accomplishments of the task, works, and company’s plans that you have executed. It’ll not only create a positive environment around professional career prospect but also build your superiors, seniors, and co-workers’ confidence in you. As a professional you become most valuable if you correctly persuade your current employer to think on how much you’re valuable.

Make Suggestions For Your Replacement

As a responsible professional, don’t just leave the organisation in one go. Before leaving the organisation, try to suggest for the candidate who can work on your position or designation. It’ll keep the projects, tasks, plans, and routine works running with the pace it was running with. It’s very crucial for the professional growth of both you and whom you’re recommending. Before making recommendations, evaluate the individual whether he/she is fit to work on your position and designation. It might damage your image and credibility if you fail to make right recommendations.  

Inform the management that you’re leaving organisation or company

It takes manpower to fulfil daily targets, execute company’s plans on daily basis, and complete daily works. It becomes more challenging for the organisation to run its routine operations smoothly, especially when a professional or employee suddenly leaves the organisation. This also reflects your insensible approach for the task, work, and targets you were assigned to. So, provide at least one months’ prior notice to your current employer so that he can ensure reasonable pace of the daily works in accordance with organisation’s goals.

Return the company’s property that you are possessing

Prefer to return the company’s property before they ask you for the same. This will not only reflect your dignity but also your professional behaviour. But, it puts a dent on your image when you don’t return the company’s properties on time. Suppose, you leave your job without returning the company’s property that was given to you during your tenure then not only will it be ethically wrong but a crime as well for which legal action can be taken against you.


After leaving last job and organisation, professional often become subject of criticism among their superiors, seniors, and co-workers of the last organisation. This happens even after catering good service and building an image of good professional. But, they remain unable to find out the gaps, and mistakes that lead their condemnation in their last organisation. To help the working people, we have listed some suggestions for professional who are unaware of how to leave your current job without burning bridges.

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