How to score well in IIT JEE exam: Strategies suggested by jagranjosh

The articles will help the candidate in preparing right strategy for the JEE MAIN & Advanced exam. This article will help the candidate in choosing their mode of study, study material and preparation methods to crack IIT JEE exam.

Created On: Nov 26, 2014 12:04 IST

Sometimes, students can’t be able to achieve their goal in the exam of IIT JEE. It happens either due to the lack of resources or due to the lack of appropriate strategies. In such situations student must redefine their strategies. Moreover appropriate strategies from the very beginning help a student in securing a good rank in JEE. The following article is to help the candidates in deciding their strategies which is based on a survey conducted by Jagran josh in IIT-Kanpur. Following article will be very useful for the candidates aspiring for IIT.

Mode of study:
Offline mode of study is considered as the best mode of study by the students preparing for the JEE exam but according to the survey conducted by Jagran josh in IIT-Kanpur, online material is also very helpful in the preparation of JEE exam. More than 40% of the students, found online material very useful. Videos, Online test series, short notes, previous year question papers and topper’s interviews help a candidate in preparing his/her strategy for JEE

Reference book of physics for JEE:
As per our survey the most referred book for this subject is H.C.Verma, among the students participated in the survey, almost everyone has refereed this book. After H.C.verma, the most referred book was I. E. Irodov (for Numericals) and coaching material.

Reference book of chemistry for JEE:
Almost 80% of the students, participated in the survey conducted by Jagran josh, referred coaching study material for the preparation of JEE. The second most referred book for this survey was R. C. Mukherjee.

Reference book of mathematics for JEE:
The survey reveals that more than 80% students consider coaching study material most suitable for the JEE preparation. With the Coaching study material candidates also have referred many books for the preparation of JEE in which Hall & Knight and M. L. Khannna are the most preferred one.

Most preferred subject during preparation:
During the preparation of JEE, candidates used to develop affection for a particular subject out of three and candidates prefer to study that subject the most. Though the preferred subject helps candidates in gaining initial confidence during exam, but every candidate should always keep in mind that all the three subjects are equally important from JEE point of view. One should not ignore any subject and if a subject is difficult for someone then he/she should spend more time on the subject. It is quite obvious that if a candidate’s all three subjects are not prepared with equal importance then IIT is an impossible dream for him/her.

Difficulty level of subjects for preparation:
As per our survey, the most difficult subject for the candidates to prepare for the JEE was mathematics (Out of three, any subject could be difficult for any student). Around 50% of the candidates participated in the survey, consider mathematics as a difficult subject to prepare for the JEE. Mathematics is considered as most difficult because it requires more practice and planning to do well in the subject. A candidate needs to practice regularly on a difficult subject and the candidate should give more time to understand the difficult subject.

Most time taking subject to prepare:
Here again mathematics secured the top position as according to the survey, students think that this subject takes more time to prepare than physics and chemistry. It might be so as there are several concepts in mathematics and variety of problem are attached with a single concept. Practicing such a huge number of problems is time consuming, but such type of practices helps the candidate to find shortcut tricks & a better understanding of the concept which help him/her in the exam.

With the help of above strategies one can prepare for JEE with ease. A student has to decide his/her strong as well as weak areas while preparing for JEE as it will help a candidate while taking the exam. One also keep in mind that hard work is the only key to the success. So every candidate must be very laborious to achieve his/her goal.


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