How to study for long hours without losing concentration

When an exam is scheduled for the following day and you have almost half your syllabus left to study, it is natural to run out of options to handle the situation perform well. Long hours at the study table await you as your body is trying to pull you towards the bed. Worry not, for we will give you a perfect solution for those never ending study sessions.

Created On: Sep 26, 2017 11:44 IST
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How to study for long hours without losing concentration
How to study for long hours without losing concentration

Rough times demand tough preparations, and the exam season is filled with long and mostly dreadful sessions of studying. No matter how much we want, reaching a 100 per cent mark in terms of preparations is difficult and the need to pull an all-nighter is almost inevitable.

Despite all the criticism, there is no denying the fact that studying at the twelfth hour is actually pretty effective and something we all swore by as students. To make this method less stressful for you, here are some tips:

Convince Yourself That The Task Can Be Done

'We become what we think' is the mantra to follow while studying for long hours. If you start dreading the session before even beginning, there are fair chances that you will fail to learn and memorize things to your true potential. So, it is important that you tell yourself that it is not that big a deal and that you can always rest later after you are done with exams.

Take Good Rest Before Starting

It can be difficult to focus if you have not taken a proper rest in few days. This will also impact your thought process while you are writing your exam. Thus, it is advisable that you take a proper rest before starting the study marathon. Also, be equipped with your choice of health drinks and food which can keep you going and prevents draining of energy.

The 52-17 Algorithm

Researches have proven that 17 minutes of rest after 52 minutes of studying is an ideal time ratio to maintain your concentration and give your best towards learning. You might be tempted to keep going and 17 minutes may look like a big time to sacrifice, but it will keep you refreshed and help in you in long run. 

Cut Off Distractions

Now we cannot ask you to not use your mobile phones at all, but it would be sensible to check your social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram as less as possible because once you lose your attentiveness, it will be equivalent to starting from scratch and that might prove to be an uphill task.

Be Curious

Studying can become fun if you are curious to learn things instead of simply mugging up stuff. Our education system is based on marks and grades and hence it is difficult to give importance to learning but it is important to realize that whole essence of education is to learn and grow in the process. So stay hungry for information and watch hours pass by with ease.

Try To Learn By Writing

It has been proven that writing things down makes it easier for us to commit them to memory. You can try writing your notes to learn them better as writing allows mental recitation as well. In addition, there is no way you can sleep while writing so that is an added advantage and will surely keep you going.

We do not advocate studying last minute and would advice all the students out there to be vigilant and proactive from the beginning of the semester. But in case you are not able to do so, the above mentioned steps will surely help you perform well in the exams.

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