I Will Work, Professionally!

One of the problems that a fresher faces in office is realising the importance of the tasks assigned. Finishing the task in a given time or meeting deadlines is yet another challenge

Jagran Josh
Dec 10, 2010, 10:43 IST
I Will Work, Professionally!
I Will Work, Professionally!

One of the problems that a fresher faces in office is realising the importance of the tasks assigned. It is not easy to acclimatise to the new office and people and take commands. Finishing the task in a given time or meeting deadlines is another challenge

The modern-day corporate offices are high pressure zones where the employees are under constant pressure to perform or perish. And it becomes all the more difficult for a freshman to swiftly adapt to the workplace. But work can be managed productively by adopting best practices. Here are a few things you should keep in mind while stepping into your first office.

  • Observe the ambience
    Every office has a different work culture. It is neither possible nor desirable to generalise corporate practices. You have been taught many theories during your professional course but applying them at the work place is entirely a different thing. The best way is to observe the colleagues and settle down before getting into real action at work.
  • Do not rush into doing things
    Remember, you are a rookie and have to prove your skills before you earn the respect. It is not easy to get noticed and prove your worth. It is also important that you take measured steps. Do not rush into doing things. Take your time, understand the tasks and then apply thought. Enthusiasm should be balanced with due diligence.
  • Know your immediate boss
    It is extremely important to know the pecking order of your new office. Even more crucial is to understand your immediate boss. Having cordial relations with your superior will help you unleash your creativity and work will become enjoyable. It is essential to realise that building a relationship takes time and that every person is unique and may have his/her own snobberies. You have to also keep in mind that you do not mistake professional connections for personal relations.
  • Examine your role and responsibilities
    Closely examine the role and responsibilities of your profile. There can be a slight difference in what you are expected to do and what was explained to you during the selection process.  Hold your nerves and accept work willingly. If you have any doubts then do not hesitate to have a chat. But never take tasks that you just cannot accomplish. Be polite but assertive.
  • Be clear about your authority
    Make it a point to realise the extent to which you can exercise your authority. Consult your boss and try to comprehend the degree to which he/she trusts you. It is healthy and essential for your career growth to take initiatives but always keep your boss in confidence. Crossing the line of authority can put you in serious trouble.
  • Handle pressure tactfully
    It is said that end justifies the means. In the corporate world, the result is appreciated and not just the effort. Pressure tactics are often employed by managers to motivate the employees to finish a task within stipulated time. Convey in no uncertain terms the minimum time that you need to complete a task. Furthermore, do not shy away from demanding the resources you will need in the process. There is no point in taking the burden all upon you. Team work is vital for the successful completion of projects.
  • Keep the channels of communication open
    Always be open to discussions. It is as important to express yourself as it is to understand others.
  • Nothing personal
    In the end, it is all about meeting the deadlines and giving the best possible output. Maintain a uniform professional conduct and never let your feelings come in the way of your work. At the end of the day, it is business, honey!

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