IAS Interview: Role of Language

Can I get good marks in IAS interview even I opt Eighth schedule language for the interview?

Mar 11, 2011 05:38 IST
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IAS Interview: Role of Language
IAS Interview: Role of Language

Q. Is there any compulsion to take IAS interview in English language?

Hasina Parveen, Kolhapur, Maharashtra

Answer: No, there is no such compulsion. If a candidate opts an Eighth schedule language for the IAS (Mains) examination, he will have the option to take the interview in the same language. But the candidate should be ready to face questions in English and able to understand. The interviewers here want to choose a candidate who has some leadership qualities. Language is not the sole criteria. The candidate can learn any language during the traineeship period after his selection for the Civil Services. Therefore, it is advised that the candidates appearing for IAS interview should not worry too much about the language aspect.



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