IAS Prelims: GS Ancient History: MCQ Set 2

MCQ of ancient history would help candidates in preparation for IAS Prelims General Studies Paper -I

Following are Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) that would help candidates in their IAS Prelims preparation:

1.    Which one of following indus valley site is located in the Pakistan?
A.    Rangpur
B.    Banwali
C.    Kuntasi
D.    None of the above
Ans.  C

2.    Consider following statements about the social system of Indus Valley Civilization:
I.    There was no caste system in Indus Valley Civilization but society was divided based on the occupation and work
II.    There was caste system in Indus Valley Civilization and society was divided based on the caste.
III.    Society was Matriarchal
Which of above statement is / are correct?
A.    I. Only
B.    II and III
C.    III Only
D.    I and III
Ans. D

3.    Anuloma was a type of marriage during the Vedic age, Which one of following statement correctly explains Anuloma ?
A.    Marriage which  was arranged and conducted under the supervision of elders
B.    Marriage between Upper caste man and lower caste woman
C.    Marriage where man came from lower caste and women from upper caste
D.    None of the above
Ans. B

4.    Which one of following Upanishadas speaks about the ‘Parvati’?
A.    Mundaka Upanishad
B.    Eso Upanishad
C.    Keno Upanishad
D.    Katho Upanishad
Ans. C

5.    What is the meaning of Stupa?
A.    Stupa is worshipping place which is made on the relics of Buddha
B.    This is resting place for Buddhist monks
C.    This is a palace of spiritual head of Buddhist religion
D.    None of the above
Ans. A

6.    Which one of following is oldest Stupa?

A.    Pipriwaha Stupa in Lumbini
B.    Sanchi Stupa
C.    Borobudar Stupa in Java
D.    None of the above
Ans. A

7.    What is the meaning of Kaivalya in Jainism?
A.    Supreme or highest knowledge
B.    Lack of supreme knowledge
C.    Non-Possession
D.    Non-Violence
Ans. A

8.    Rumandei  Inscription of  Ashoka talks about:
A.    Ashoka faith in Buddhism
B.    Religion tolerance of Ashoka
C.    Land grants and tax concession to Monasteries
D.    None of the above
Ans. C

9.    Consider the following statements about the Buddhism:
I.    Kurmargupta established Nalanda University
II.    Establishment of rule of slave dynasty led to the decline of Buddhism
III.    Buddhism moved towards the Nepal due to lack of security in India
Which of above statement is/ are correct?
A.    II and III
B.    III Only
C.    I  Only
D.    I, II and III
Ans. D

10.    Consider the following statement with reference of Jain Architecture:
I.    Jain started cave temple architecture
II.    Dilwara  Jain temple is located in Mt. Abu
III.    No  Jain cave temple  is located in  Kumargiri in Kalinga
Which of above statement is/are correct ?
A.    I and II
B.    I Only
C.    II Only
D.    III only
Ans . A

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