IBPS PO Exam: English Language: Concept and Sample Questions: Sentence Completion

Sep 24, 2015 14:10 IST

The banking team of has prepared topic wise study material for IBPS PO Exam. The explanation of concept is done in way that every aspirant can easily understand the basics and tricks for the topic. The sample questions after concept study proves to be a milestone for understanding the concept very well.

How to solve Sentence completion Questions

  • Read the complete sentence – Grasping the overall tone of the sentence is essential. Reading the complete sentence can also lead you to few clues. By reading the sentence you can also determine the nature of the word required i.e.; whether the word required is of a positive tone or a negative tone, plays a cause-effect relationship.
  • Put you own words in the sentence first and then find a closer answer option – Try not to read the options before you put your choice of words in the blank doing so will help you in identifying correct answer choice when you look at one.

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