ICSE Class 10 Biology Answer Key 2023 and Question Papers, Download PDF

ICSE Class 10 Biology Answer Key 2023: Check the expert-reviewed ICSE Class 10 Biology answer key and question papers in PDF format here. Read this article to check the accuracy of your answers. 

Get here ICSE Class 10 Biology Answer Key 2023
Get here ICSE Class 10 Biology Answer Key 2023

ICSE Class 10 Biology Answer Key 2023: Well, one of the most awaited exams of ICSE Class 10 is over. Today was the day when students of the ICSE science stream had to go through their final Biology exam. The ICSE Class 10 Biology exam took place over the course of 2 hours. Around 11 AM, the exam paper was handed out, and at 1 PM, the responses were collected.  Instead of talking about things you already know, let's concentrate on other things that are currently more crucial.

Have you discussed your Biology question paper with friends? Indeed, we suppose. Most of us have this propensity to discuss our exam papers after we've done them. This is to check how many questions we attempted correctly. For some, it becomes a reason for relief, and for some a trigger of repentance or remorse. It depends on how many questions you did were correct according to your classmates. Are they completely correct in what they have written? You will find out that, soon. Try not to stress yourself too much and double-check your responses using the ICSE Biology Answer Key 2023 that is provided in this post. 

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ICSE Class 10 Biology Paper Analysis 2023 

ICSE Class 10 Biology Exam 2023 Answer Key

CISCE Board hasn’t released any ICSE Biology 2023 answer key or question paper till now. It may take some time for the board to release them. Till then you may refer to this article to check your ICSE Biology answers. The solutions discussed in the below-mentioned ICSE Class 10 Biology Answer Key are reviewed by our experts and faculties from the Biology field. Hope this will help you. 

ICSE Class 10 Biology; Important Highlights




Biology- SCIENCE Paper 3

Exam Date

29 March 2023

Official Marking Scheme Status

Not Released

Official Website



ICSE Class 10 Biology Paper 2023 Answer Key

Question 1

Select the correct answers to the questions from the given options.

(Do not copy the questions, write the correct answer only).


(i) The sex chromosome in a human ovum is:

(a) X chromosome

(b) Y chromosome

(c) Both X and Y chromosomes

(d) Either X or Y chromosome

Ans: (a) X chromosome


(ii) Which one of the following is the biodegradable waste?

(a) Metal cans

(b) E-Waste

(c) Plastic

(d) Flowers

Ans: (d) Flowers


(iii) The heart sound ‘Dup’ is produced when:

(a) Semilunar valves open

(b) Atrio ventricular valves close

(c) Semilunar valves close

(d) Atrio ventricular valves open

Ans: (c) Semilunar valves close


(iv) Deplasmolysis occurs when a plasmolysed cell is placed in:

(a) Concentrated salt solution

(b) Tap water

(c) Concentrated sugar solution

(d) Hypertonic salt solution

Ans: (b) Tap water


(v) Alpha cells of Pancreas secrete:

(a) Glycogen

(b) Glucose

(c) Glucagon

(d) Insulin

Ans: (c) Glucagon


(vi) Haploid number of chromosomes are found in:

(a) Nephrons

(b) Neurons

(c) Skin cells

(d) Sperms

Ans: (d) Sperms


(vii) The life spam of an RBC is:

(a) 120 days

(b) 220 days

(c) 20 days

(d) 2 weeks

Ans: (a) 120 days


(viii) The statistical study of human population is called:

(a) Mortality

(b) Demography

(c) Natality

(d) Equality

Ans: (b) Demography


(ix) The pale yellow colour of normal human urine is due to the pigment:

(a) Melanin

(b) Anthocyanin

(c) Urochrome

(d) Haemoglobin

Ans: (c) Urochrome


(x) Stimulation of nerves of the sympathetic nervous system:

(a) Accelerates heartbeats

(b) Constricts pupil of eyes

(c) Increase peristalsis

(d) Retards heartbeat

Ans: (a) Accelerates heartbeats


(xi) The site of light reaction in the cells of a green leaf is:

(a) Nucleus

(b) Grana of chloroplast

(c) Cytoplasm

(d) Stroma of chloroplast

Ans: (b) Grana of chloroplast


(xii) The paper used to demonstrate unequal transpiration in a dicot leaf is:

(a) Filter paper

(b) Litmus paper

(c) Starch paper

(d) Cobalt chloride paper

Ans: (d) Cobalt chloride paper


(xiii) Vitreous humour is present between:

(a) Cornea and Iris 

(b) Lens and Retina

(c) Iris and Lens

(d) Cornea and Lens

Ans: (b) Lens and Retina


(xiv) Oxygenated blood to liver is supplied by:

(a) Hepatic artery

(b) Hepatic vein

(c) Inferior venacava

(d) Hepatic portal vein

Ans: (a) Hepatic artery


(xv)During the synthesis phase of the cell cycle, more of:

(a) RNA is synthesised

(b) RNA and proteins are synthesised

(c) DNA is synthesised

(d) Glucose is synthesized

Ans: (c) DNA is synthesised


Question 2:


(i) Name the following:


(a) The organelle that forms the aster during cell division. Centrosomes

(b) A genetic disorder in which the blood does not clot. Haemophilia 

(c) The permanent stoppage of menstruation in human females around the age of 45 years. Menopause

(d) The openings on the barks of the trees through which transpiration occurs. Lenticels

(e) A gaseous plant hormone which promotes ripening of fruits. Ethylene


(ii) Arrange and rewrite the terms in each group in correct order to be in a logical sequence beginning with the term that is underlined:

(a) Snake, Rabbit, Cabbage. Hawk.

Cabbage, Rabbit, Snake, Hawk

(b) Xylem. Soil water, Cortical cells, Root hair.

Soil water, Root hair, Cortical cells, Xylem

(c) Receptor, Response, Effector, Spinal Cord

Receptor, Spinal cord, Effector, response

(d) Fovea, Lens, Cornea, Conjunctiva.

Conjuctiva, Cornea, Lens, Favea

(e) Testis, Urethra, Sperm duct, Epididymis.

Testis, Epididymis, Sperm duct, Urethra


(iii) Match the items given in column I with most appropriate ones in column II and rewrite the correct matching pairs:

Column I

Column II

a. Hyposecretion of Thyroxine in adults

1. Diabities insipidus

b. Hyposecretion of Insulin

2. Myxedema

c. Hypersecretion of Growth hormone in childhood

3. Dwarfism

d. Hyposecretion of ADH

4. Gigantism

e. Hypersecretion of Thyroxine

5. Diabities melltus


6. Exophthalmic goitre


7. Cretinism


Ans. a-2, b-5, c-4, d-1, e-6


(iv) Choose the odd one out from the following terms and name the category to which the others belong:

(a) Used bandages, Pesticides, Face masks, Syringes.

(b) Dust, Smoke, Carbon monoxide, Effluents

(e) Uterus, Urethra, Urinary bladder, Ureter

(d) Menstrual phase, Telophase, Follicular phase, Luteal phase

(e) Malleus, Incus, Cochlea, Stapes


Ans. (a) Odd: Pesticides, Category: Medical Waste

(b) Odd: Dust, Category: Industrial Air Pollutants

(c) Odd: Uterus, Category: Organs of Urinary System

(d) Odd: Telophase, Category: Stages of Menstrual Cycle

(e) Odd: Cochlea, Category: Bones of Middle Ear


(v)State the exact location of the following structures:

(a) Thyroid gland: visceral compartment of the neck

(b) Dura mater: Outmost meanings of the skull and vertebral column

(c) Amniotic fluid: in the amniotic sac surroundings the fetus

(d) Papillary muscles: in the cavity of the ventricles of the heart.

(e) Islets of Langerhans: pancreas


Question 3

(i)Write the overall chemical equation for photosynthesis.

Ans. chemical reaction of photosynthesis


(ii)Mention any two functions of blood.

  • Oxygen transportation
  • Hormone transportation

(iii)Differentiate between Karyokinesis and Cytokinesis.

  • Karyokinesis: Division of nucleus, occurs in the starting of cell division. 
  • Cytokinesis: Division of cytoplasm, occurs at the end of cell division. 

(iv) Excessive use of fertilizers in agricultural fields reduces the yield of crops. Justify the statement.

Ans. Over or excessive use of fertilizers disturbs the soil ecosystem that ultimately affect the nutrient richness in the soil and soil productivity. Thus, it is true to say excessive use of fertilizers in agricultural fields reduces the yield of crops.


(v) Study the diagram given below and answer the questions that follow:


(a) Name the phenomenon depicted by the shoot in the above diagram

Ans. Phototropism 

(b) Which plant hormone plays an important role in the above movement? 

Ans. Auxins

(c) Complete and rewrite the given statement by filling in the correct terms 

Shoots show positive phototropism whereas, roots show positive geotropism.


Question 4


(i) Expand the abbreviation-DNA.

Ans. Deoxyribonucleic acid


(ii) What is Active transport?

Ans. The movement of molecules across the permeable membrane in the direction of their lower to higher concentration with the help of energy. 


(iii)Mention the two pairs of nitrogenous bases which pair with each other with hydrogen bonds.

Ans. A-T and G-C


(iv) State Mendel's 'Law of Segregation".

Ans. According to the law of segregation, during the gamete formation each allele of of gene segregate or separate from each other to ensure only a single allele for a single gene. 


(v) Draw a neat, labelled diagram of a human sperm.


Human sperm

Question 5


(i) Explain the term ‘population density’.

Ans. Population density is defined as the number of individuals of a specific species living in a defined geographical area. 


(ii) Name the two surgical methods of population control.

Ans. Vasectomy (in females) and Tubectomy (in males).


(iii) Mention two factors responsible for the population explosion in India.

Ans. The factors will depend on the choice and understanding of the student. Below are a few suggestions:

  • Improper family planning
  • The desire for a male child
  • Less awareness about family planning and its importance.


(iv) Name any two resources which come under pressure due to rising population. 

Ans. The answers to this will depend on the choice and understanding of the student. Below are a few suggestions:

  • Water
  • Land
  • Food

(v) The diagram given below depicts the climate change on planet Earth. 

Answer the following questions:

Poster on global warming

(a) Name the climatic phenomenon for the increase in Earth’s temperature.

Ans. Global warming

(b) Mention one reason for this warming.

Ans. There are multiple reasons for this phenomenon. For example, high emission of greenhouse gases, high fossil fuel consumption, deforestation, etc. Students may choose any of the following.

(c) What measures can be taken to prevent this climate change?

Ans. The measures could be:

  • Plant more trees
  • Reduce the use of private vehicles for small distance travel 
  • Save water
  • Save electricity

Question 6


(i) Define the term transpiration.

Ans. Transpiration is the loss of water from the leaves through the stomata.


(ii) State any two adaptations in plants to reduce transpiration. 

Ans. 1. Sunken stomata

  1. Cuticle layer


(iii) Mention any two functions of the human foetal placenta. 

Ans. 1. Supply nutrients and oxygen to the fetus. 

  1. Eliminate waste material and carbon dioxide from the fetus. 


(iv) What is the significance of the human testis being located in scrotal sacs outside the abdomen?

Ans. It ensures testis get the optimum temperature for sperm formation, which is 2-3 degree celsius lower than the body. 


(v) Draw a neat, labelled diagram of a Malpighian Capsule. 


Malpighian Capsule

ICSE Class 10 Biology Marking Scheme 2023

ICSE Class 12 Biology Marking scheme hasn’t been released yet.

ICSE Class 10 Biology Question Paper 2023

Download ICSE Class 10 Biology Question Paper 2023 PDF

ICSE Class 10 Result Date 2023

The ICSE Class 10 board exam results are expected to be announced in May or June 2023 (tentatively). The compartment exams will begin thereafter. 

You will be able to check your ICSE Class 10 Results through the following links. Until then, stay tuned.

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ICSE Class 10 2022-23 Result Date.

Till now there is no official answer to this query as the CISCE Board hasn’t released any updates on this. As per the past record of the board, we can expect the ICSE Class 10 2023 results to be released in May or June 2023.

When the ICSE Class 10 Biology 2023 Answer Key will be released?

ICSE Class 10 Biology 2023 exam is over and students are looking forward to the official answer key. You need to face a little disappointment on that as CISCE hasn’t given any updates about that, yet. Till the time you get the official answer key for ICSE Biology, refer to the expert-verified answer key provided at JagranJosh.com.

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