ICSE Class 10 Physics Answer Key 2023 and Question Papers, Download PDF

ICSE Class 10 Physics Answer Key 2023: Exams are going on and a common habit of students is discussing the paper afterwards. Check the expert-reviewed ICSE Class 10 Physics answer key and question papers in PDF format here.

Get here ICSE Class 10 Physics Answer Key 2023
Get here ICSE Class 10 Physics Answer Key 2023

ICSE Class 10 Physics Answer Key 2023: The Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) conducts the secondary and higher secondary board term-end exams every year. The Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) Class 10 Physics exam was held today, March 17, 2023, from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM. Physics is one of the most difficult and important exams of the ICSE 10th standard. It’s also a major source of stress for students as Physics in ICSE is much more advanced than in other school boards. On top, it is a highly conceptual subject that requires critical thinking. You can’t just cram definitions and formulas. You have to learn the concepts by heart and apply them accordingly. 

Today’s ICSE Class 10 Physics exam was moderate in difficulty level as per the first reactions of students and teachers. Some found the paper simple, while others said it was a bit tricky but not too challenging. A common practice among students is reviewing the question paper after the end of the exam. We have to mention that this is not a recommended practice as it can reveal errors in your answers and affect your mindset going into the next exam. However, the habit is quite irresistible, especially in the case of important exams like physics. Analysing the answer key can also reveal mistakes in the question paper itself, be it a wrong formula, numerical value, missing MCQs etc. To dispute the questions, you need the answer key. Check here the expert-reviewed ICSE Class 10 Physics answer key 2023.


ICSE Class 10 Physics Exam 2023 Answer Key

The CISCE board hasn’t released the 2023 Class 10 Physics question paper or answer key yet, nor is it expected anytime soon. However, you can download the question paper PDF and check the answer key of ICSE Class 10 Physics exam prepared by in-house experts here.

ICSE Class 10 Physics Paper 2023 Answer Key

SECTION A (40 Marks)

Question 1: Choose the correct answers to the questions from the given options

(i) Clockwise moment produced by a force about a fulcrum is considered to be:

remains the same

(a) Positive

(b) Negative

(c) Zero

(d) None of these

Answer: (b) Negative

(ii) When the speed of a moving object is doubled, then its kinetic energy:

(a) remains the same

(b) decreases

(c) is doubled

(d) becomes four times

Answer: (d) becomes four times

(iii) The energy conversion in a washing machine is from

(a) magnetic to electrical

(b) electrical to mechanical

(c) electrical to magnetic

(d) magnetic to electrical

Answer: (b) electrical to mechanical

(iv) Which of the following radiations suffer maximum deflection in a magnetic field?

(a) Alpha radiations

(b) Beta radiations

(c) Gamma radiations

(d) X-radiations

Answer: (b) Beta radiations

(v) Speed of blue light in water is:

(a) more than green light

(b) more than orange light

(c) more than violet light

(d) more than red light

Answer: (c) more than violet light

(vi) A concave lens produces only ___ image

(a) real, enlarged

(b) virtual, enlarged

(c) virtual, diminished

(d) real, diminished

Answer: (c) virtual, diminished

(vii) When a body vibrates under a periodic force, the vibrations of the body are always:

(a) natural vibrations

(b) damped vibrations

(c) forced vibrations

(d) resonant vibrations

Answer: (c) forced vibrations

(viii) Two notes are produced from two different musical instruments, such that they have

same loudness and same pitch. The produced notes differ in their:

(a) Waveform

(b) Frequency

(c) Wavelength

(d) Speed

Answer: (a) Waveform

(ix) When a current I flows through a wire of resistance R for time then the electrical

energy produced is given by:

(a) I2Rt

(b) IR2t

(c) IRt

(d) IRt²

Answer: (a) I2Rt

(x) Choose the correct relation for e.m.f. (e) and terminal voltage V:

(a) ε= V (always)

(b) V>ε[always]

(c) V< ε [when the cell is in use]

(d) None of these

Answer: (c) V< ε [when the cell is in use]

(xi) If the strength of the current flowing through a wire is increased, the strength of the

magnetic field produced by it:

(a) decreases

(b) increases

(c) remains the same

(d) first increases then decreases

Answer: (b) increases

(xii) Specific latent heat of a substance:

(a) is directly proportional to the mass

(b) is directly proportional to the change in the temperature

(c) depends on the material

(d) is inversely proportional to the mass

Answer: (c) depends on the material

(xiii) Specific heat capacity of a substance X is 1900 Jkg-1 °C means: 

(a) Substance X absorbs 1900 J for 1°C rise in temperature (iii) The act 

(b) 1 kg of substance X absorbs 1900 J heat for 1°C rise in temperature 

(c) 1 kg of substance X absorbs 1900 J heat to increase the temperature 

(d) 1 kg of substance X absorbs 1900 J heat to cool down by 1°C 

Answer: (b) 1 kg of substance X absorbs 1900 J heat for 1°C rise in temperature 

(xiv) When a ray of light travels normal to the given surface, then the angle of refraction is: 

(a) 180° 

(b) 90° 

(c) 0° 

(d) 45° 

Answer: (c) 0° 

(xv) Small air bubbles rising up a fish tank appear silvery when viewed from some particular angle is due to the: 

(a) reflection

(b) refraction 

(c) dispersion 

(d) total internal reflection 

Answer: (d) total internal reflection

Question 2 

(i) (a) When does the nucleus of an atom tend to become radioactive?

Answer: When no. of neutrons are more than no. of protons.

(b) Name a single pulley in which displacement of load and effort is not the same.

Answer: Single Movable Pulley

(c) State one advantage of this pulley.

Answer: It can be used as a Force Multiplier.

(ii) (a) What is the position of centre of gravity of a triangular lamina? 

Answer: Point of intersection of the median aka. centroid.

(b) When this triangular lamina is suspended freely from any one vertex, what is the moment of force produced by its own weight in its rest position?

Answer: Zero

(iii) The diagram shows wheel O pivoted at point A. Three equal forces F1, F2 and F3 act at point B on the wheel 

(a) Which force will produce maximum moment about A?

Answer: F1

(b) Give a reason for your answer in (a).

Answer: F1 is at maximum perpendicular distance or Force is tangentially applied.

(iv) (a) What should be the angle between the direction of force and the direction of displacement, for work to be negative?

Answer: 180o

(b) Name the physical quantity obtained using the formula U/h, where U is the potential energy and h is the height. 

Answer: Force/ Weight/ Rate of Change of momentum

(v) Calculate the power spent by a crane while lifting a load of mass 2000 kg, at velocity of 1.5 m.s-1 (g= 10 ms-2)

Answer: Power = Force x Velocity

= ma. v = 2000x1.5x10

= 30000 Watt

(vi) A metal foot ruler is held at the edge of a table. It is pressed at its free end and then released. It vibrates.

(a) Name the vibrations produced. 

Answer: Damped Vibration

(b) State one way to increase the frequency of these vibrations. 

Answer: Presence of resonating body or reducing length of the scale outside table.

(vii) 'A geyser is rated 240 W-220 V’. Explain the meaning of this statement. 

Answer: 240 joules of energy is consumed in one second.


***Stay Tuned as we update the answers of ICSE Class 10 Physics Paper 2023.

ICSE Class 10 Result Date 2023

ICSE Class 10 board exam results are scheduled for May or June 2023 (tentative). The compartment exams will begin after the official results declaration.

You will be able to check your ICSE Class 10 Results by through the following links. Until then, stay tuned.

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Is the ICSE Class 10 Physics Question Paper Answer Key 2023 Released?

The 2023 ICSE class 10 Physics question paper and answer key will be released by the CISCE board: https://cisce.org/. Until that time, you can view and the refer to the expert-prepared answer key of 2023 ICSE Class 10 Physics exam on Jagran Josh.

How to check the ICSE Class 10 Physics Question Paper answer key 2023 PDF?

You can check the ICSE Class 10 Physics question paper answer key 2023 PDF at Jagran Josh. The question papers will soon be made available by the CISCE board as well on its website.

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