ICSE Class 10 Selina Concise Mathematics Book: Download Chapter-Wise PDFs

ICSE Book for Class 10 Concise Maths: Download the latest ICSE Selina for Class 10 Concise Maths. Get the Mathematics syllabus, important topics and solutions. Download ICSE Class 10 Concise Mathematics Chapter-wise pdf as well.

ICSE Class 10 Selina Maths Book, Download Chapter-Wise PDFs
ICSE Class 10 Selina Maths Book, Download Chapter-Wise PDFs

ICSE Class 10 Concise Maths Book: Selina Publishers, a well-known brand in the field of academic books. They have their roots in the world of publishing educational books for students of various classes. The brand attraction is their quality content and easy-to-understand language of the books. Selina's books have been in the market for several years and they are still distributing books for the ICSE board. Experts and teachers recommend Selina books to their ICSE students for understanding the syllabus and scoring well in exams.

Selina Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics are one of the main distributed books as they follow the ICSE curriculum well. The books’ content is written to meet the students’ requirements to help them prepare better for their exams. All the important topics and concepts are covered in these books that ensure a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter.

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The syllabus is an important part to understand the subject. Check the ICSE Class 10 Maths syllabus 2023-24 for quick revision. 

Benefits of ICSE Class 10 Selina for Maths

One of the key features of Selina ICSE book for Mathematics is that the book is written in a very easy language. The book's language is concise and simple to help students understand the concept easily and grasp the topic properly. The ICSE Class 10 Selina for Concise Mathematics provides ample practical material. To help students prepare for their exams this book provides a variety of sample questions and exercises. The questions are designed to cover all the important topics and concepts in each subject and provide students with an opportunity to test their knowledge and understanding.

This book for ICSE Mathematics Class 10 includes chapter-wise summaries that get a quick overview of the important concepts and points discussed in the chapter. This feature can be utilized by the students during their exams for quick preparation. The books also include a glossary of important terms and concepts, which helps students in understanding the subject matter better.

ICSE Class 10 Selina Maths Book: Chapter-Wise PDF


Chapter Number

Chapter Name


Book Content

Download PDF

Unit 1: Commercial Arithmetic


Value Added Tax

Download PDF


Banking (Recurring Deposit Account)

Download PDF


Shares and Dividend

Download PDF

Unit 2: Algebra


Linear Inequations (In one variable)

Download PDF


Quadratic Equations

Download PDF


Solving (simple) Problems (Based on Quadratic Equations

Download PDF


Ration and Proportion (Including Properties and Uses)

Download PDF


Reminder and Factor Theorems

Download PDF



Download PDF


Arithmetics Progression

Download PDF


Geometric Progression

Download PDF

Unit 3: Co-ordinate Geometry


Reflection (In x-axis, y-axis, x=a, y=a and the origin; Invariant Points)

Download PDF


Section and Mid-Point Formula

Download PDF


Equation of a line

Download PDF

Unit 4: Geometry


Similarity (With Applications to Maps and Models)

Download PDF


Loci (Locus and Its Constructions)

Download PDF



Download PDF


Tangents and Intersecting Chords

Download PDF


Constructions (Circles)

Download PDF

Unit 5: Mensuration


Cylinder, Cone and Sphere (Surface Area and Volume)

Download PDF

Unit 6: Trigonommetry


Trigonometrical Identities (Including Trigonometrical Ratios of Complementary Angles and Use of Four Figure Trigonometrical Tables).

Download PDF


Heights and Distances

Download PDF

Unit 7: Statistics


Graphical Representation (Histograms, Frequency Polygon and Ogives)

Download PDF


Measures of Central Tendency (Mean, Median, Quartiles and Mode)

Download PDF



Download PDF

Selina ICSE book for Class 10 Mathematics is an excellent resource for ICSE exam preparation. This book meets the required expectations of the tutors and students by providing them with a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter. For students of ICSE Class 10 preparing for their board exams, Selina Class 10 for Concise Mathematics is definitely worth considering. 

ICSE Class 10 Selina Maths Solutions (To be updated)

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