Candidates can download the IIT JEE 2010 Question Paper and Complete Analysis of the paper.

IIT JEE is one of the toughest examinations in the world. In the year 2010 this exam was conducted in two parts, first was PAPER-1 and second was PAPER-2. There were 28 questions in PAPER-1 and 19 questions in PAPER-2. Each paper was consisting of 80 questions in total. Paper-1 and Paper-2 both were of 240 marks. This whole booklet is very useful from exam point of view. This booklet consists of three different parts.

  • First part consists of the analysis of the PHYSICS part in Paper-1 and Paper-2. Analysis is very helpful in many aspects; it will help you in understanding:
  1. Importance of chapters.
  2. Type of questions asked.
  3. Trend of the papers.
  • Second part contains the marking scheme and type of questions asked in the Question Papers.
  • Third and the last part contain all the questions asked in PHYSICS in Paper-1 and Paper-2 with the answers. This part will help you in understanding the difficulty level of the exam.

Q. A real gas behaves like an ideal gas if its
(A) pressure and temperature are both high       (B) pressure and temperature are both low
(C) pressure is high and temperature is low        (D) pressure is low and temperature is high

Ans. (D)

Q. Two spherical bodies A (radius 6 cm ) and B(radius 18 cm ) are at temperature T1 and T2, respectively. The maximum intensity in the emission spectrum of A is at 500 nm and in that of B is at 1500 nm. Considering them to be black bodies, what will be the ratio of the rate of total energy radiated by A to that of B? {INTEGER TYPE QUESTION}

Ans. 9

Q. A Vernier calipers has 1 mm marks on the main scale. It has 20 equal divisions on the Vernier scale which match with 16 main scale divisions. For this Vernier calipers, the least count is
(A) 0.02 mm                      (B) 0.05 mm
(C) 0.1 mm                        (D) 0.2 mm

Ans. (D)

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