Important Questions for UPSC IAS Main Exam GS Paper I

Important Questions for the Civil Services Main Exam are always the requirement of the candidates because it gives them the orientation about the IAS Main Exam

Important questions are the need of the hour as the candidates need to prepare for the Civil Services Main Exam. The candidates during their preparation are engaged in so many activities and in the whole process the candidates misses some of the important news and events which are very relevant for the IAS Exams.

1.    Mahatma Gandhi identified with common people which led to his emergence as the most popular leader in the Indian freedom struggle. Comment(200 Words)
2.    Explain the reasons for Nazi  hatred against Jews in Germany which eventually lead to the persecution of Jews.(150 words)
3.    Discuss the main features of Mauryan administration. Which of these elements are evident in the Asokan inscriptions? ( 150 words)
4.    Why frequent Earthquakes occur along the Himalayas and how it is different from the one along the continent margin? (150 words)
5.     Tropical evergreen forests are found only in a narrow zone in the Eastern Ghats. Explain the factors responsible for its occurrence. (100 words)

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Important Topics for IAS Main Exam

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