UP Board Exam 2018: Most important topics for class 10th Mathematics

UP board exams 2018 for class 10 will begin from February 06, 2018. Students appearing for class 10 exams 2018 of UP board can check here all the important topics asked in mathematics paper of class 10 for past few years.

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Important topics of Science for 10th Exam
Important topics of Science for 10th Exam

UP Board class 10th mathematics paper will be held on February 13, 2018, and students now only have few days left for the exam. With several theoretical papers like home science, English and Urdu starting from February 6, 2018, before the class 10th mathematics paper, students need to focus on time management for the exams so that their performance is not low in UP Board exams 2018. For class 10th mathematics paper of UP board exams 2018, students need to have their fundamentals strong and they can score well in this paper easily. For better convenience of class 10th students of UP board exams 2018, we have listed here all the important topics from class 10 mathematics papers. These topics are from the latest syllabus of UP board class 10 only and we have analysed the question papers of past few years to get these most asked topics for class 10 mathematics paper of UP board exams.

If students will have a strong grip on the important topics for class 10 mathematics paper of UP board exams 2018, then they can ensure 80-90% marks in the exam.

Few tips for UP board class 10 mathematics exam –

1.  There is no word limit for the mathematics paper of class 10th exam but the students are awarded marks for the correct implementation of the solutions. So, it is important for students appearing in UP board class 10 mathematics paper to apply correct formula and steps for solving math questions.

2.  Memorise all the important formulae for each chapter and practice maximum questions from past year question papers to get accuracy for every formula

3.  Geometry, coordinate geometry, statistics and mensuration are the less time taking and easily scoring chapters, so prepare accordingly and devote more time to difficult chapters.

4.  Also, don’t forget to remember the theorems like basic proportionality theorem, angle bisector theorem, Pythagoras theorem, remainder theorem, quadrilateral theorem etc.

Check here mostly asked topics for class 10 mathematics paper of UP board exams 2018 –

Unit 1: Algebra (बीजगणित)

  • परिमेय व्यंजक का सरलीकरण
  • गुणनखण्ड विधि से बहुपदों के लघुतम समापवर्तय एवं महत्तम समापवर्तय
  • द्विघात समीकरण

Unit 2: Business Mathematics-Taxation (वाणिज्यिक गणित-कराधान)

  • प्रत्यक्ष त्तथा अप्रत्यक्ष कर
  • आयकर तथा बिक्रीकर का आकलन

Unit- 3 Statistics (सांख्यिकी)

  • समांतर माध्य- अवर्गीकृत तथा वर्गीकृत आकड़ों के लिए
  • मध्यिका- अवर्गीकृत तथा वर्गीकृत आकड़ों के लिए
  • बहुलक- केवल अवर्गीकृत आकड़ों के लिए

Unit- 4 Trigonometry (त्रिकोणमिति)

  • n(3600±θ) के त्रिकोणमितीय अनुपात
  • त्रिकोणमितीय सर्वसमिकायें
  • ऊंचाई एवं दूरी

Unit- 5 Geometry (ज्यामिति)

  • वृत सम्बन्धी प्रमेय :

1. किसी वृत के दो चाप सर्वांग्सम हों तो सांगत जीवायें परस्पर बराबर होती हैं|

2. यदि किसी वृत की दो जिवाएं समान हो तो उनके सांगत चाप सर्वांग्सम होते हैं|

3. अर्द्धवृत में स्थित कोण समकोण होता है|

4. चक्रीय चतुर्भुज के सम्मुख कोण संपूरक होते हैं|

5. वृत की स्पर्श रेखा, सपर्श बिंदु से होकर जाने वाली त्रिज्या पर लांब होती है|

  • रचना :

1. त्रिभुज के अन्तर्गत तथा परिगत वृत खींचना

2. दो वृतों की उभयनिष्ट (अनु एवं तिर्यक) स्पर्श रेखाएँ खींचना  

Unit 6: Coordinate Geometry (निर्देशांक ज्यामिति)

  • सरल रेखा के समीकरण
  • सरल रेखा के समांतर तथा लम्बवत रेखाओं के समीकरण
  • दो सरल रेखाओं के बीच का कोण


Unit 7: Mensuration (मेन्सुरेशन)

बेलन, शंकु तथा गोले का वक्र पृष्ट, सम्पूर्ण पृष्ट तथा आयतन


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