Improve and Groom Your Personality: 10 Result-Oriented Tips

Personality is a set of qualities that are automatically revealed when someone speaks or uses his body language to express himself. In this article find top 10 tips to improve and groom your personality

Personality is a set of qualities that makes a man distinct from others. These qualities are automatically revealed when someone speaks or uses his body language to express himself. Simultaneously, one’s personality is also interpreted therewith by his audience. While introducing yourself, you generally tell your name and something requisite about yourself, whereas the fact is that you give away a lot more information than just your name. Even before you open your mouth to convey anything; the way you interact with someone reveals a lot more about you and your personality. In fact, your personality becomes your identity everywhere, whether it’s your home, your surroundings, your school, college; the venues of ceremonies or at your workplace.

Since personality pertains to personal qualities of an individual, the point to ponder is how you can improve these qualities to make your personality awesome, because it is your personality that enables you to mark your presence. According to a recent survey report, in Australia, 52 percent of men and 64 percent of women claimed that they performed comparatively better at their workplace when they found themselves looking good and feeling great about themselves. It became possible only because of their good personality. Thus, your good personality plays a pivotal role in leaving a lasting impression on others and getting things done in an easy and better way.

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Considering the vitality of personality in our life, some necessary and result-oriented tips are given below, which have proven to be of great help to people trying to build a winning personality. Therefore, utilising these tips will definitely help you improve and groom your personality:

1. Love yourself

Others will love you only if you love yourself. Never underestimate your efforts and achievements. Instead, always maintain your self-respect by admiring what good things you possess or achieve. Appreciation of your activities and accomplishments will help you keep your morale high and mood refreshed. Maintain your own honour by having unwavering confidence in yourself, which will play a significant role in motivating your way of life.

2. Hone your Interaction Skills

Hone your Interaction skills

Honing the skill of interaction is only possible if you overcome the hesitation of speaking with people. Hesitation is a kind of public nervousness which may evolve into agoraphobia i.e., a fear of being at public places. If you have hesitation, you can overcome it by mingling up with people from different backgrounds, meeting and interacting with them, attending ceremonies, and parties; and most importantly by participating in debates on current topics. By doing this, you can learn how to talk, argue, and get your views convincingly accepted. Thus, you can hone the skill of interaction. 

3. Avoid silly things

There are people who do silly things while talking. These may include biting nails, digging nose, curving ears, scratching different parts of body and so on. All these silly habits give an adverse impression to others and expose weak aspects of your personality. So keep your nails well-trimmed and clean, and strictly avoid doing all these things in public or while interacting with someone.

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4. Appreciate the person doing anything good

Appreciate the person

Some people are found to be insensitive, and sometimes even jealous to others’ good aspects. They would not appreciate others for their good deeds and feats. Such people are socially isolated. So if you appreciate others for their goodness or achievements, they will not only be encouraged to do so in future but your personality will also be praised by them and your dignity will be raised in their eyes. 

5. Admit your flaws and weaknesses

Admit your flaws

Never get discouraged on being criticised for your weaknesses or flaws. Admit them with pleasure because it is others’ criticism that enables you to find where you have flaws or where your weaknesses lie. Your critics are like diagnosis machines that help you spot your flaws so that you can do better in future.

6. Perpetuate smile on your face

Perpetudate smile

Sometimes, the world can be won simply by a smile. So enhance your personality by putting on your best smile. A smiling face adds charm to your face that becomes more appealing and welcoming. It also helps in getting things done. A smiling face adds an irresistible appeal to your personality whereas faces with anger and annoyance are always disregarded and avoided by others. Thus, a smile that costs you nothing plays a paramount role in improvement of your personality.

7. Try to discover new things and ideas

Try to

Try to explore new things or ideas from what you are doing. Sometimes new ideas come to your mind automatically. However, your endeavour to search for new things will set you apart from others and it will also add more elegance to your personality. It will help you to expand the horizon of your vision. For this, you can join some grooming classes; learn music, fine arts, martial arts, sports, and social media and so on.

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8. Face boldly the challenges in your life

Face boldly

Life is like an ECG graph that keeps going up and down. If it falls flat (straight), the man is declared dead. So life is full of vicissitudes (ups & downs) or full of changes that crop up in our life from time to time. But these changes help us learn to live a better life. If you learn to adapt yourself to any situation, you will not stray at the time of ordeal, and it will be a concrete evidence of your strong personality.

9. Crush the negativities you have

Crush the

Negative thoughts in your mind always swerve you from the right path. Negativity will not only create hassles in your advancement towards success but also force you to sit idle making your activities dormant. So always think positively while initiating any mission of your life with full confidence keeping it in your mind that you will be the ultimate winner. Your optimism will help you overcome your negative thoughts paving the way for your success.

10. Express what you have

Express what

If you keep your successes, failures and good or bad aspects suppressed within you, it will continue to pinch your mind causing a penetrating irritation. So, its better to share such things with your family and all those whom you consider your nears and dear ones. If you achieve something, try to celebrate this success with them. It will motivate you to go further. Similarly, if you share your failures, flaws and problems, discussions may lead to a solution to your problem. Moreover, your love and honour will be enhanced in their eyes if you share your pains and pleasures with them.

Thus, you can improve and groom your personality by keeping the above vitally important tips in your mind and implementing them in your life. Though there are more tips to further polish your personality, the above given 10 may also suffice if you follow them appropriately in your life.

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