India Current Affairs Quiz/Questions-Answers September 2011, September 5-September 11

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Sep 13, 2011 16:51 IST
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Quizzes on the India Current Affairs section are designed to cover the wide range of national issues and other informations related to India from different segments which are of general human interest. Taking the India Current Affairs Quiz for April 2011 will update you on the latest incidents that occured in India. The quizzes on India Current Affairs will equip you to take all competitive examinations as well.

1.    Union government on 3 September 2011 released a list of assets owned by Union ministers. Which of the following minister and his family topped the charts with a net worth of over Rs 263 crore?
a.    Defence minister, A K Antony
b.    Heavy industry minister Praful Patel
c.    Urban development minister Kamal Nath
d.    inance Minister Pranab Mukherjee
Answer: (c)

2.    Which North-east state government on 2  September 2011 ordered an inquiry into the alleged mass graves in some areas in West Garo Hills district?
a.    Meghalaya Government
b.    Arunachal pradesh government
c.    Nagaland Government
d.    Manipur Government
Answer: (a)

3.    With the help of the clues identify the person.
1.    He was India’s first national tennis champion was called Grandfather of Indian tennis.
2.    He represented the country at the Davis Cup between 1947- 1956 and also played in the Wimbledon and US Nationals in the pre-Open era in world tennis.
3.    He went on to become the secretary of the All-India Lawn tennis Association (AILTA) in 1963-66.
4.    He became the first men's singles champion when the national was split into grass and hard court championships in 1946-47 at Calcutta's South Club.
a.    Yuki Bhambri
b.    Purav Raja
c.    Ramesh Krishnan
d.    Sumant Misra
Answer: (d)

4.  Union Cabinet of India approved the Land Acquisition, Relief and Rehabilitation Bill, 2011. Consider the following statements on the bill:
i) It aims to put in place a transparent and legal framework for land acquisition.
ii) According to the bill, consent of at least 80 percent of people will be mandatory to acquire land except where it is acquired for a public purpose.
Choose the right option:
a)    Both i and ii are correct
b)    Only i is correct
c)    Only ii is correct
d)    Neither i nor ii is correct
Answer: (a) Both i and ii are correct

5. Which one of the following became the first state in India to offer Air taxi services?
a) Bihar
b) Madhya Pradesh
c) Kerala
d) Haryana
Answer: (b) Madhya Pradesh

6.  Assam government decided to have brand names for the famous Muga and Eri Silks. North-East produces around __percent of Eri.
a) 95
b) 85
c) 50
d) 75
Answer: (a) 95 percent


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