Interdisciplinary Approach pays dividend in the IAS Exam

When it comes to cracking the IAS examination, everyone has some of the other advice to the aspirants.

Created On: Jan 8, 2016 16:05 IST

When it comes to cracking the IAS examination, everyone has some of the other advice to the aspirants. Be it the senior candidates, coaching class mentors, peers or even friends who have absolutely no clue about the examination. One of the key things that make IAS examination such an unsurpassable challenge, it the holistic nature of the questions, being asked in the examination. In order to answer such questions the IAS aspirants have to develop a unified or collaborative approach that helps them to study a topic in a manner that covers all dimensions associated with it. Many experts have suggested developing an interdisciplinary approach to tackle the challenge of IAS examination, especially to answer the questions being asked in the main exam papers. Below, we shall discuss the interdisciplinary approach to IAS preparation and what does it take to develop such an approach.

What is Interdisciplinary Approach?

The interdisciplinary approach refers to the method of integrating different knowledge and information from different subjects under one umbrella and using it collectively to answer the questions being asked in the IAS examination. The very nature of IAS examination that covers topics from different walks of life makes it necessary for aspirants to know and have the conceptual understanding about all the topics. Questions being asked in the civil services examinations are multifaceted and, therefore, needs to be answered keeping all the associated aspects in mind.

For instance, a question about India’s GDP should definitely cover the basic information regarding the economic details associated with the topic. However, in addition to this, the answer should also try and incorporate the socio-economic impact, developmental aspects as well. Corroborating the impact of India’s GDP at grassroots level is also expected from the aspirants. 

How to develop Interdisciplinary Approach?

In order to develop an interdisciplinary approach for IAS preparation, candidates need to develop the right perspective that helps them in expanding their outlook towards topics being studied for the examination. The study need not be done with the limited aim of merely answering a question, but from the viewpoint to grasp deep understanding and knowledge of the topic and all the aspects that are associated with it. Apart from this, you should also be able to relate different topics being studied with one another as well as the contemporary happenings that occur around it.

You can read this article, on ‘Developing the right perspective for IAS examination’ to get a fair idea about it.

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