ISC Environmental Science Specimen Paper 2023 Class 12: CISCE Environmental Science Sample Paper, Download PDF

Environmental Science Specimen Paper Class 12 ISC: Read this article to prepare for your Class 12 ISC Environmental Science exam, which is tomorrow. Download specimen sample paper pdf for effective and quick preparation. 

Download Environmental Science Specimen Paper for Class 12 ISC Board Exam
Download Environmental Science Specimen Paper for Class 12 ISC Board Exam

ISC Environmental Science Specimen Paper 2023 for Class 12: As you must be aware that this is the exam season and a very serious time for Class X and Xll students. You all must have downloaded your date sheets. As per the date sheet released by CISCE, the upcoming exam in the list is ISC Class 12 Environmental Science. It is planned for tomorrow, 31st of March 2023. We don't have enough time. Don’t let your mind get confuse as it is the time to set your focus with much more concentration. Believe that the ISC Environmental Science paper is a blink of an eye away, so buckle up and start your preparations if you haven’t. This article will help in your ISC Environmental Science preparations by providing you latest and authentic sample cum specimen paper. You can solve it to check your knowledge and understanding to the question paper. Before that go through the below-mentioned general guidelines for ISC Class 12 Environmental Science exam 2022-23. 

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General Guidelines for ISC Environmental Science Exam:

  • Maximum Marks: 70
  • Time Allowed: Three hours
  • (Candidates are allowed additional 15 minutes for only reading the paper. They must NOT start writing during this time).
  • Answer all questions in Section A, Section B, and Section C. 
  • Section A consists of objective / very short answer questions.
  • Section B consists of short answer questions.
  • Section C consists of long answer questions.
  • The intended marks for questions or parts of questions are given in brackets[].

ISC Environmental Science Specimen Paper for Class 12th:



Question 1

(i)An organism that requires high level of dissolved oxygen is:[1]






(ii)Which one of the following is NOT a greenhouse gas?[1]

(a)Carbon Monoxide

(b)Carbon Dioxide 


(d)Carbon tetra Chloride


(iii)The term ecosystem was coined by:[1]

(a)Charles Darwin

(b)Alexander von Humboldt

(c)Arthur Tansley

(d)Carl Ritter


(iv)The image given below is the logo of a non-government organisation called:[1]


(a)Green peace

(b)World Wide Fund for Nature

(c)World Bank

(d)United Nations Environment Programme

(v)Most of the ___________ drugs sold in the market are made from the medicinal plants found in Amazon.[1]


(vi)The GATT was signed in________.[1]


(vii)_________is the first country to use urban organic farming.[1]


(viii)Repeated use of heavy machinery on the clayey soil leads to __________.[1]


(ix)Write the expanded forms of the following:[2]




(x)Write one word for the description given below:[4]

(a)The growing of trees on the bunds and boundaries of farming lands, done by the farmers themselves.

(b)The statistical study of the human population.

(c)A government policy to restrict international trade and promote national manufacturers.

(d)A type of soil with a particle size ranging between 0‧02mm and 0‧002 mm particles.




Question 2[4]

(i)What is environmental economics? How does environmental economics help to reduce the exploitation of natural resources?


(ii) Name the Constitutional Act passed t  protect the rights of the tribals.  Enumerate any three rights safeguarded by this Act.


Question 3[4]

(i)Why was the ivory trade banned by CITES? Explain any three effects of this ban.


(ii)Explain why Cuba adopted urban organic gardening.


Question 4[4]

(i)State any two methods of urban agriculture that involve the use of organic methods.

(ii)Why is soil respiration important?


Question 5[4]

(i)State any two points to highlight the role of Biosphere Reserves in conservation.

(ii)Define ecological footprint.


Question 6[4] A label on a tomato ketchup bottle mentions‘ Potassium Meta-bisulphite’ and ‘Sunset Yellow’ along with other ingredients. Identify the categories to which these two ingredients belong. Define these categories.


Download the complete pdf from the link below:

ISC Environmental Science Specimen Paper 2023 Class 12 PDF


Need the updated syllabus of your upcoming ISC Environmental Science Exam? Click on the link below to get the pdf:

ISC Class 12 Environmental Science Syllabus 2022:23 (Download pdf)


To download the four years of ISC Environmental Science previous year papers for Class 12 click on the link below:

ISC Class 12 Environmental Science Previous Year Question Papers Download PDF


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When is ISC Class 12 Environmental Science paper?

According to the CISCE released date sheet, the ISC Environmental Science exam is planned to be conducted on 31st March 2023. The day would be Friday. For further updates on time and exam centers do visit the official website of

ISC Class 12 Environmental Science Syllabus.

As per the syllabus, the ISC Environmental Science contains seven units 1: Human Beings and Nature, 2. Population and Conservation Ecology, 3. Monitoring Pollution, 4. Third World Development, 5. Sustainable Agriculture, 6. Environmental and Natural Resource Economics, 7. International Relations and the Environment. For further details visit

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