ISC Psychology Specimen Paper 2023 Class 12: CISCE Psychology Sample Paper, Download PDF

Psychology Specimen Paper Class 12 ICSE: Get here the recently released sample-specimen paper for ISC Class 12 Psychology Exam 2023. Download the sample paper pdf for free.

Download Psychology Specimen Paper for Class 12 ISC Board Exam
Download Psychology Specimen Paper for Class 12 ISC Board Exam

ISC Psychology Specimen Paper 2023 for Class 12: Exam is the required and very essential part of learning. When you signup for a learning process it definitely ends with an exam. There would only be a few individuals who understand the importance of exams and acknowledge it. As a student, you might not agree with this but hopefully, you will digest the fact once this exam phase will be over. Let's try to reduce your fear of exams by introducing their importance. Will you buy clothes or shoes without examining them in terms of size and material? No, right? It is because you want to ensure whether the clothes or shoes you buy fit you perfectly or not. How will you judge a student’s fitness to get hired for a higher standard/class? The answer would be an examination based on their recent studies. Sounds fair? So this explains the importance of an exam. How to prepare for an examination so that you don’t get rejected from being promoted? The answer would be, by doing practice, solving sample/specimen and previous year question papers. So what are you waiting for? Start your Psychology exam preparations today. 

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The ISC Class 12 Psychology exam (855) is pending for the 27th of March 2023. The day would be Monday. Students got enough time to prepare for the exam. Look for the latest sample paper for ISC Psychology 2023 exam to help you with the exam pattern and other related stuff. 

ISC Class 12 Psychology Sample Paper 2023:


Question 1

(i) What is the formula for measuring IQ? [1]


(ii) Define prejudice. [1]


(iii) Name the theory of Intelligence proposed by Howard Gardner. [1]


(iv) Give the full form of TAT. [1]


(v) What is the term used to define the level of stress in an individual that helps in motivating, achieving peak success, and managing a minor crisis? [1]


(vi) Rules indicating how individuals ought to behave in specific situations are known as ____________.[1]


(vii) A state of physical, emotional, and psychological exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged stress is known as ___________. [1]


(viii) Children who show marked difficulties in social interaction and communication, desire for routine, and have limited interests are diagnosed with ____________. [1]


(ix) State whether the following statements are TRUE or FALSE. [3]

(a) Individuals with a phlegmatic type of personality are calm, slow-moving and unexcitable.

(b) Flooding is a form of therapy in which patients in a rehabilitation institution earn tokens for displaying desirable behaviour, which they can exchange for various rewards.

(c) Maturation is a cultural process.


(x) A newborn baby throws out her arms and fans fingers, extends her neck, and cries in response to a sudden loud noise. Name this reflex shown by the newborn. [1]

(a) Rooting

(b) Babinski

(c) Moro

(d) Grasping


(xi) Which one of the following secretes cortisol into the blood stream? [1]

(a) Hypothalamus

(b) Pituitary gland

(c) Adrenal cortex

(d) Pineal gland


(xii) Which one of the following is NOT a personality trait of hardiness? [1]

(a) Control

(b) Commitment

(c) Challenge

(d) Calculative


Question 2 [4]

(i) Explain the Triarchic Theory of Intelligence.


(ii) Explain the Two Factor Theory of Intelligence.

Question 3 [4]

Explain Abraham Maslow’s theory of Needs Hierarchy in the context of Personality.


Question 4 [4]

The social context in which we live, determines when various events are supposed to occur in our lives. Explain this statement by relating it to microsystem and mesosystem of Bronfenbrenner’s Ecological Systems Theory.


Question 5 [4]

Briefly discuss any two effects of stress on health. Suggest any two life skills that help an individual in coping with stress.


Question 6

(i) Tina washes her hands each time she touches anything. She repeatedly checks the locks of the cupboard at home. She counts the currency notes many a times before she goes out to buy something.

(a) Identify and briefly discuss the disorder that Tina is suffering from. [2]

(b) Give any two causes of this disorder. [2]


(ii) Jennifer was disappointed on not being selected for the school choir. She thought that she had a terrible voice and would never be selected for any show in future. Her parents took her to a therapist who suggested RET to help her.

(a) What is Jennifer’s irrational belief about herself? [1]

(b) Briefly discuss the RET therapy that the therapist suggested to help Jennifer overcome her disappointment. [3]


To download the complete sample/specimen paper 2023 of ISC Class 12 Psychology, click on the link below:

ISC Class 12 Psychology Sample Paper 2023 (Download PDF)


To get the syllabus of ISC Class 12 Psychology session 2022-23 refer to the below-mentioned article:

ISC Class 12 Psychology Syllabus 2022-23: Download PDF


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When is ISC Class 12 Psychology 2023 Exam?

As per the ICSE 2023 exam date sheet, the ISC Class 12 Psychology 2023 Exam is scheduled for Monday, 27th March 2023. To know more about the ISC exams do visit

How many sections will be there in ISC Class 12 Psychology 2023 Exam?

According to the guidelines discussed in the CISCE-released sample papers for ISC Psychology, there will 3 sections in the exam paper. Section A, will have objective / very short answer questions. Section B will have very short answer questions. Section C will cover the long answer questions.

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