#ItsPossible: 18-yr-old Son of a Domestic Help Receives Rs. 35 Lakh Scholarship to join Atria University, Bengaluru

#ItsPossible: Amarjeet Kumar, 18-year-old son of domestic help has received a full scholarship worth Rs. 35 lakhs to join Atria University, Bengaluru. He is the first in his family to receive college education and plans on using it to build a better and more equitable India. Let’s hear his inspirational story!

18-yr-old Son of a Domestic Help Receives Rs. 35 Lakh Scholarship
18-yr-old Son of a Domestic Help Receives Rs. 35 Lakh Scholarship

#ItsPossible: During the last two decades, India has scaled several new heights backed by new achievements and landmarks; but even then, inequality remains one of the key societal challenges that plague over 400 million people. One of the biggest misconceptions about inequality is that it is always looked upon from an income or as a form of an economic standard of measurement, but it is Knowledge Inequality that refrains thousands of talented young Indians away from the opportunity to join India’s growth story. There are many who give up but a few among them make education their weapon to fight the historical injustices and carve out a bright future for themselves and the country. Amarjeet Kumar is also one of them. Amarjeet - an 18-year-old son of domestic help, has broken these shackles of Knowledge inequality and will be joining Atria University in Bengaluru for his college education on a full scholarship.

Here’s his inspirational journey from Patna to one of the most futuristic higher education institutions in the country.

The Journey

Amarjeet comes from a poor family, where his mother works as domestic help while his father, who was a daily wage earner, passed away in 2017. Based in Patna, his family falls in the Below Poverty Line (BPL) category; this made getting into a quality education institution a dream for him. But as the great French poet said “to accomplish great things, we must not only act but also dream; not only plan but also believe.” And Amarjeet did Believe! He believed in the idea of an equitable India, where with hard work and commitment to his cause, he can get world-class education to build a bright future for himself and his country.

During his school days, Amarjeet’s mother worked as domestic help in Patna. Coincidentally, it was the family of Sharad Sagar Sir - now a globally renowned social entrepreneur and founder of Dexterity Global, who employed her. Looking at his passion and zeal, Sharad Sagar and his sister, who was then 16, got him enrolled in the same school which they attended - Dominic Savio’s High School. It was this one opportunity that turn the tides for Amarjeet, who used it to turn his dream, of studying at one of India’s most reputed colleges, into a reality. He also got selected for Dexterity Global’s Career Development Program called Dexterity to College, which helped him further to identify colleges which he could join for higher education.

The Achievement

Backed by his hard work and dedication, Amarjeet has received a full scholarship worth Rs. 35 lakhs to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering at Atria University in Bengaluru, India. The full scholarship worth Rs. 35 lakhs will cover the entire cost of study for Amarjeet for four years – tuition, boarding and lodging, books and supplies, etc. In the letter sent to him, the university expressed confidence in his overall merit and found him to be a great fit for their unique engineering programme. Looking at the talent that he brings to the table, the university has also offered him financial assistance to enable him to pursue his dreams.

The Way Ahead

Ask Amarjeet, how he feels about his journey from a poor boy from Patna to someone who has been identified and selected to join one of India’s reputable Engineering Colleges; he quickly responds by saying “I am just getting started”. Realizing the power of education and knowledge, and the role it has played in his success so far; he promises to use his education at Atria University to help build a better India, where others like him could aspire and achieve.

Amarjeet embodies the #ItsPossible spirit of GenX because…he believes in the idea of an equitable India, where hard work and commitment can help anyone scale the ladder of excellence to build a bright future. Equipped with world-class education, Amarjeet plans on building a better India, where others like him can not only dream but also achieve them.

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